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PCtipp has tried the augmented reality app Trillion times. […]

The AR app Trillion enables the virtual fitting of jewellery. Through a combination of neural networks and artificial intelligence, customers can virtually try on jewelry from anywhere in the world using the smartphone app only. Trillion: AR jewelry try on is available for free for Android and iOS. Only a beta version is available for Android devices (Early Access). The effect should be accurate and lifelike, as stated in a message.

How it works:

  1. Download the corresponding free app (only in English).
  2. Choose a piece of jewelry.
  3. You can now use a 360-degree view on the one hand. This allows you to see the jewelry details better. To do this, press on a piece of jewelry and then move your finger, for example, to rotate a finger ring.
  4. For the virtual fitting, tap on the Trillion logo below.
  5. Allow access to the phone camera and position your hand in front of the camera as indicated on the display.
  6. For example, a ring is automatically “placed” on one of your fingers. To switch fingers, tap another one on the display. Other colors or other ring models can be selected by tapping at the bottom of the display. Move the hand to see a ring from different sides. However, this is a rather shaky affair and sometimes the ring jumps on another finger.
  7. Currently, the majority of rings are available for selection, but there are also necklaces. These are then displayed as if the chain is hanging around your neck. Well, at least theoretically, because it didn’t “hang” around the editor’s neck, but was displayed much too broadly. But still you get an idea of what a piece of jewelry would look like on yourself.
  8. Tapping on Info displays the product name, designer and, above all, the price. In addition, you can, for example, take a kind of selfie with the necklace and share it if you want to get the opinion of a friend.

The idea is good, the implementation can still be fine-tuned (c) Screenshots/

PCtipp means: Augmented reality (AR) is coming more and more and blurs the boundaries between reality and the virtual world. Anyone who has ever tried these uncomfortable, rigid finger ring templates to determine the right size should appreciate this possibility via AR app. If this goes to school and becomes common with local online jewelry retailers and jewelers, this is certainly a useful thing if someone does not have the time or desire to try on the piece of jewelry on the spot in the store. However, if you need advice, the app will not help you much further and should continue to go to the store.

Note: This was done on an iOS 15.3 smartphone and the iOS Trillion app (0.10.3).

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