TXOne Networks secures Industrial Control Systems (ICS)

Das Zusammenspiel von Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) und Industrie 4.0

Industry 4.0 – ICS Scanning

“Portable Security Pro” Flash Drive adapts flexibly to the daily security routines of critical corporate IT infrastructures

TXOne Networks, a leading global security provider of solutions for the protection of industrial control systems (ICS) and the industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), is introducing the latest version of its portable security device designed to search for and eliminate malware on isolated industrial control systems (ICS) and for the secure storage and transmission of data. The Portable Security 3 Pro Edition (TMPS3 Pro), a high-performance cybersecurity solution for a wide variety of ICS environments, was developed together with the parent company Trend Micro, a global leader in the field of cyber security.

In view of the increasing international threat from terrorist and financially motivated cybercriminals, the ICS security is being monitored more and more closely by governments and supervisory authorities. To protect industrial plants and control systems, the Portable Security 3 Pro Edition can be used to perform malware scans on the target devices during regular maintenance. The new USB-like security tool thus enables providers of critical infrastructure services to meet a number of new cybersecurity requirements.

Portable Security 3 Pro can thus be the first step towards cybersecurity in the supply chain of industrial plants and control systems. When new equipment is delivered to the factory by the equipment supplier, the inspection can be carried out in advance with this portable inspection device to ensure and document that the equipment is free of malware. Portable Security 3 Pro also allows IT or security teams to securely transfer important files or patches to offline systems and isolated networks.

Usually, flash drives are used to transfer data in a shielded environment, but this entails the risk of possible insider threats. TMPS3 Pro is a device that resembles a USB flash drive and for the first time combines malware scanning and removal with the ability to store it securely.
In addition to reducing the risk of data breaches and complying with compliance regulations, users benefit from the following features:

  • No software installation required – Perform on-demand malware scans on any system without software installation
  • Simple operation – Malware scanning, malware removal and secure storage in one device that can be used for multiple ICS and endpoint devices. The integrated LEDs indicate the status of the malware scan and enable quick and easy operation
  • Optimized OT transparency – Collecting computer information, Windows update status, application lists and other information to avoid shadows-OT
  • Centralized management – Built-in overview of scans performed across multiple scan tools and endpoints to meet administrators’ policy requirements

The new secure storage function of the Portable Security 3 Pro Edition enables the easy transfer of files between different work environments. The solution offers all the functions of the previous Portable Security 3 Standard Edition, supplemented by 64GB of secure storage with AES-256 hardware encryption. All files stored on the secure storage are scanned by the device’s integrated anti-malware engine and immediately encrypted with the AES-256 encryption engine. Only files that have been scanned and confirmed to be free of malware can be placed on the secure storage to ensure that no malicious files are transferred or stored.

K.S.Pua, CEO of Phison Electronics“Phison and the cybersecurity experts at TXOne Networks have been working together for several years. Due to the increasing digital transformation, users of industrial control systems (ICS) have been confronted with serious network security risks in recent years. The customized high-end USB flash drive TMPS3 Pro uses Phison’s customizable advanced security architecture to help ICS users eliminate cybersecurity risks through fast and secure system scans and secure storage. It is a necessary cybersecurity tool in the age of digital transformation.“

Typical applications for the Portable Security 3 Pro Edition:

  • Regular scanning of critical production facilities to comply with legal regulations (“Compliance”)
  • Inspection of incoming or outgoing endpoint devices for the purpose of inventory
  • Collecting and centralizing information about the production facilities in order to expand OT transparency
  • Secure file transfer and storage for sensitive data (NEW)

“The Portable Security 3 Pro Tool makes it easier for owners and operators of ICS systems to scan for malware and collect asset information on stand-alone PCs as well as on air-gapped systems. Unlike traditional antivirus software, the Portable Security solution scans and cleans malware without the need to install any scanning software and displays the status on an easy-to-understand LED display,“ explains Dr. Terence Liu, CEO of TXOne Networks . “Leading companies from various industries and regions are already relying on our solution or are considering using it at their production sites. Among them are companies from the automotive industry, as well as from the defense sector. However, the device benefits all industries in which workplaces with a high proportion of operational technologies (“OT”) are operated or critical production facilities need to be protected – for example, companies from the pharmaceutical or semiconductor industries.“

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