US intelligence agencies allowed the Russian involvement in hacking attacks in December 2020

US intelligence agencies allowed the Russian involvement in hacker attacks on Federal agencies in December 2020. The corresponding statement was published by the Agency on cyber security and infrastructure security in the United States (CISA) is part of the Ministry of internal security of the country.

The Agency said the likelihood that the “executor targeted cyber attacks likely to come from Russia.” The alleged organizer bears full responsibility for most or all of the identified cyber attacks on governmental and non-governmental network.

“We believe it (the cyber attack. – Approx. Ed.) was and remains an attempt to obtain intelligence. <…> We will take all reasonable steps to assess the full scale of these actions and give an appropriate response,” according to the document.

It is known that the operation to identify the perpetrators of the attacks were carried out jointly by the national security Agency, FBI, CISA office of National intelligence. Intelligence agencies failed to establish that from about 18 thousand victims of the attacks of the clients SolarWinds Orion, only a small number were subjected to malicious activity on their networks.

“We found less than ten government departments, which are included in this category and are working to identify and notify non-governmental institutions, which could also suffer,” – reports the Agency RIA Novosti.

There is also defined a cyber attack as a “serious hacking”. At the moment authorities are working on addressing its consequences.

Major invasion of the hackers was done through the software company SolarWinds. According to the American authorities, the attackers wanted to disrupt government agencies.

The President of the United States Donald trump later said that the hacker attack on a number of agencies of the United States can not stand Russia and China. The politician noted that the scale of hacking attacks actually less than was presented by the journalists.

In turn, the press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov claimed innocence Moscow to hacker attacks. A Kremlin spokesman stressed that “any accusations against Russia of involvement in absolutely unfounded”.

Massive cyber attack affected the US government at all levels

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