Vectra AI comments on the World Economic Forum’s Global Risk Report

Vectra AI kommentiert den Global Risk Report des Weltwirtschaftsforums


Cybersecurity as an acute challenge –

Last week, the Global Risk Report 2022 was presented at the World Economic Forum (WEF).

In addition, noted Andreas Riepen, Head of Central & Eastern Europe (CEE) at Vectra AI :

Andreas Riepen, Head of Central & Eastern Europe (CEE) at Vectra AI

“The digitization of industrial, commercial and social structures increases the commitment to our future – both in terms of opportunities, justice and performance, as well as in terms of disruption and chaos to an unprecedented extent. The dynamics of impact in this equation arises from the increasing convergence between the digital and the physical, while the dynamics of opportunities comes from the rapid acceleration and adoption of innovative, but complex and interdependent technologies, which often carry unknown or misunderstood risks. And since the realization of risks often lags behind the realization of advantages, this accelerated introduction can lead to immense disruptions when the shortcomings of the established security approaches are finally revealed – on a large scale, embedded in new, critical infrastructures and social structures. It is a future of imagination and transformation, but a future whose cornerstone could very well be a powder keg.

The solution is not only stricter regulations and standards – because such measures often lag behind changes instead of driving them forward. And in fact, the elimination of such risks through prevention or restriction and control is very often a mistake – and an expensive one on top of that. Instead, in the face of inevitable disruptions, the strategic thinker will invest in resilience and accept that at a certain level there will be both its technical and non-technical dependencies. You understand that the way forward is one in which the rapid recovery after such a failure occurs in a way that minimizes the material impact.

The widespread rise of ransomware and RansomOps is itself a reflection of how poorly established security approaches withstand modern disruptions and how limited truly resilient structures are today in the essential services and infrastructures on which societies depend. This recognition must be a call to action. The stakes are far too high and the opportunities for real and lasting change are too great.“

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