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Veeam® Software, the leading provider of backup, recovery and data management solutions for modern data backup, gives its assessment of the topics that will move the IT industry next year. Danny Allan, CTO and SVP Product Strategy at Veeam, contributes the global overview, while Matthias Frühauf, Regional Vice President Germany, and Thomas Sandner, Senior Director Technical Sales Germany at Veeam, more precisely summarize the forecast for Germany. Your constant contact with customers and their challenges gives you the basis to evaluate the market very realistically. The underlying question is which technical solutions are becoming important and which hurdles have to be overcome:

The tech job market is getting more expensive

The COVID-19 economy and the subsequent great resignation have certainly left their mark on the tech industry over the past two years. Salaries will increase from 2022 to create incentives for highly qualified personnel. This results in an interesting dynamic, which is a great challenge, especially for the start-up industry, because the larger companies and the tech giants can handle these high salaries and thus gain advantages in the fight for a competitive workforce. It could well be that young, qualified employees will return to the old, proven companies in order to dispense with the tough competition in the start-ups. This could lead to a talent gap that lasts for years.

Continuous integration and deployment

A Bill Gates memo from 2001 became the industry standard for the design, development and deployment of complex software systems. Now you have the feeling that there is no new standard since then. IT teams and developers have made a habit of adopting familiar technology systems and not standardizing new areas, such as continuous integration and deployment (CI/CD). In 2022, we will therefore experience a shift towards more stability and standardization for continuous Integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD). IT executives have the opportunity to capitalize a lot from this high-growth and valuable market and solve the day-two operations problem.

Artificial Intelligence and Automation

The lack of qualified specialists will lead to the fact that many vacancies will remain unfilled, thus clearing the way for the further development of artificial intelligence and automation to define new positions. For example, with the introduction of waiter robots during the corona pandemic, we have seen how this technology has conquered the service industry. In 2022, artificial intelligence and automation will be able to fill positions in other highly affected sectors, such as the financial, healthcare, legal and IT industries. This development will mainly affect entry-level positions and will make it more difficult for young professionals to gain work experience in the future.

Containers become mainstream

Many companies mistakenly assumed that most employees would return to the office as usual in 2021. Instead, remote work continued on a large scale and companies were forced to set up a long-term strategy to ensure efficient work and offer employees a flexible and at the same time attractive working model. However, the home office requires above all cloud-based solutions, which led to an explosive proliferation of cloud services. For this reason, containers will generally be introduced in 2022, which will simplify the generational transition to the cloud for companies.

Finally, Matthias Frühauf and Thomas Sandner give their views on the coming year and special challenges and developments for the German market in a concise summary:

Thomas Sandner, Senior Director Technical Sales Germany at Veeam

“The salary, especially in the presales area, has roughly doubled in the last five years. A well-trained technician with relevant experience is now really cost-intensive as a resource“” explains Thomas Sandner, Senior Director Technical Sales Germany at Veeam. Further: “Due to the corona pandemic, some employees have slipped into a preferred working model via remote work and no longer want to change. Work-life balance as a buzzword plays an important role here. This unwillingness to change makes it more difficult for entrepreneurs to recruit the much-needed highly qualified personnel and some will hardly be able to pay the required salary.“

Matthias Frühauf, Regional Vice President Germany at Veeam

“We experienced the founding wave of system houses in Germany in the 1990s,” reports Matthias Frühauf, Regional Vice President Germany at Veeam , “but now we have a shortage of young employees in these smaller companies, which are also interesting for larger corporations. Thus, they have to fight at the same time with the shortage of skilled workers and possible takeovers, which will certainly lead to a wave of consolidation in the channel sector.“

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