Verband Technischer Handel cooperates with e-learning specialist QuickSpeech

Verband Technischer Handel cooperates with e-learning specialist QuickSpeech

Knowledge transfer is a major challenge for companies and trade associations. That is why the Association of Technical Trade (VTH) from Düsseldorf is starting a cooperation with the company QuickSpeech from Gablitz near Vienna. […]

Mario Ernst, Chairman of the Verband Technischer Handel (c) VTH

Around 230 wholesalers with around 400 sales outlets throughout Germany, Austria, Switzerland and neighboring countries bring with them a great wealth of their own expertise. Through small, easily digestible learning portions, the member companies of the VTH as well as its employees are given easy and playful access to knowledge with the help of QuickSpeech.

The expertise that arises brings with it an enormous amount of specific knowledge, even for products that need explanation, says Mario Ernst, the new chairman of the VTH. Member companies of the VTH were therefore looking for a solution for the digital exchange of knowledge. “The VTH has therefore set itself the goal of finding a solution that is easy to use, easy to explain and also fun,” Ernst explains the intended goal. “In addition, it was important to us that we receive support in the creation of digital learning content, because only a few companies have digitized documents.“ That’s why they chose QuickSpeech, so seriously. Through the use and expansion of machine learning, the software of QuickSpeech, founded in 2018, adapts to the needs of the user and personalizes their learning experiences.

QuickSpeech: How the Platform Works

QuickSpeech is a digital knowledge platform that conveys learning content in small, daily portions. These compact portions ensure that learners get in touch with the topic of continuing education in portions of two to four minutes every day. Thus, training becomes a daily habit.

For administrators, i.e. people who are responsible for the allocation of knowledge courses, there is a separate admin dashboard. For the learners there is the QuickSpeech app and also a web access. For example, members of the VTH receive access to the admin dashboard in order to train their own employees, customers or suppliers about their products or general content that require explanation.

Users, i.e. employees, customers or suppliers who are to be trained, receive access to the QuickSpeech app, which gives them access to training-relevant topics related to the member companies.

Patrons of the platform at the VTH: PIEL, Maertin and IHH

At the start of the cooperation, the companies PIEL from Soest, Maertin from Freiburg and IHH from Siegen were selected as model companies. For several weeks now, the companies have been uploading their knowledge content to the QuickSpeech platform or have it created by QuickSpeech in order to create the first courses. A great focus was placed on ease of use, as the e-learning maturity levels of the member companies are different.

“The operation is clear and works by drag & drop”, Thomas Vierhaus from VTH describes the system as user-friendly. Vierhaus is pleased that from now on it will be possible to easily implement the exchange of knowledge digitally within the members as well as across the board.

Different areas of application, different game modes

The time- and location-independent mobile platform offers different modules: employees, customers or suppliers can be informed via the news section with compact contributions such as on social media, events can be announced via push notifications. There are two course modes for this: the flashcards and the quiz courses.

The flashcard courses are structured in chapters with flashcards, which are finally completed with quiz questions. This course mode is especially suitable for product training or safety-relevant instructions. The quiz courses are courses where the aim is to answer questions on a daily basis in a group with fellow players.

By answering questions and bonus challenges every day, there are points, which in turn are displayed in a ranking (by name or anonymized). Quiz courses are therefore often used for product knowledge championships and are controlled by campaigns. Thanks to the small portions, the company receives the daily training wire to the attention of employees, customers or suppliers.

The interactions in the platform show what has been understood – and what has not yet been understood. This, and the opportunity to give direct feedback, opens up a feedback channel that provides information about future necessary trainings. QuickSpeech is used by 75 percent of users every working day and trains areas such as sales, field service, customer support, application security, quality assurance and other areas.

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