Viennese startup notarity enables implementation of notary-required transactions from the sofa

Viennese startup notarity enables implementation of notary-required transactions from the sofa

The legaltech startup notarity, founded in 2021, launches Europe’s first web platform for digital notary appointments after several months of preparation. Just in time for the launch, notarity secures an investment from Big Cheese Ventures. […]

Since the spring of 2020, there have been legal possibilities in Austria to handle notarial services digitally. This makes it possible, for example, to set up companies, process financing rounds, appoint managing directors, and buy and sell real estate – completely digitally. “The notary comes to your home office digitally, no matter where you are in the world,” summarizes the Viennese notary, Christoph Lehner, the advantage of notarity.

notarity was founded by Jakobus Schuster (CEO), Alexander Gugler (CFO), Sebastian Wodniansky (CTO) and Max Pointner (Lead Developer). The startup addresses its offer both to companies that want to digitize their processes more strongly, as well as to startup founders who want to handle their notarized business – for example, financing rounds or capital increases – quickly and easily. Interested companies who would like to try notarity can now register on register and make your notary appointments “from the sofa” in a few minutes.

notarity is the first platform on the market that maps digital appointments with notaries in a user-friendly and end-to-end way. Previous processes required the use of several platforms, which is why many notaries as well as customers preferred the analog way. Since December 2021, company start-ups as well as transactions on settled.

Pre-seed financing: Big Cheese Ventures joins notarity

Notarity has also completed a pre-seed financing round for the launch, with which the expansion of the startup and the further development of the notarity platform is to be driven forward. An average six-figure sum was recorded. The investors are Mark Kaslatter and Ben Ruschin, the founders of the startup consulting and investment company Big Cheese Ventures. “We were immediately impressed by the notarity team,” Kaslatter explains the reasons for the investment. ”The combination of legal, business and technical expertise of notarity’s founding team is really impressive,” says Kaslatter.

Together, Kaslatter and Ruschin hold 15 percent of the shares in notarity GmbH – both will join the advisory board of the startup and will actively support the startup in this role. Incidentally, the capital increase of notarity GmbH was handled via its own platform.

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