Virtual reality could come to Xbox Series, although it was not expected

La realidad virtual podría llegar a Xbox Series, pese a que no se esperaba

Since well before its release, we didn’t expect to be able to enjoy virtual reality on Xbox Series. And it is true that we are talking about a technology that, although growing, it still does not seem to have hatched as expected a few years ago. The price of virtual reality viewers, coupled with high hardware requirements and a catalog of games not as extensive as you would expect, have caused what could have been an explosion, more a slow but progressive growth.

This situation, added to the strict policy followed by Microsoft to adjust the price of its new generation to the maximum, has caused that the virtual reality in Xbox Series was not an option. It was already said by the head of Xbox, Phil Spencer, in November 2019, that they were not going to make their, by then, next-gen, compatible with virtual reality viewers. Such a sharp answer seemed to completely close the door to virtual reality on Xbox Series right?

Well after all it seems that it could not be so, and is that according to published IGN Italia the most recent update of the Microsoft operating system for its console, added to the new wireless headphones marketed by the company, throw an very revealing system message, or at least that is what found the editor of that medium that was testing them and that, when connecting them, he found the following message: “Il visore VR deve essere aggiornato. E disponibile un aggiomamento per il visore VR”, something like ” The VR viewer must be updated. An update for the VR viewer is available.”

Virtual reality could come to Xbox Series, although it was not expected

Is this a simple error in the text of the message? Are you actually referring to an update for wireless headphones? It is a possibility, but also it’s possible that Redmond’s are working on the possibility of, despite what was said in 2019, making virtual reality on Xbox Series possible after all. However, if so, chances are that we will still have to wait a long time until it becomes a reality, whether the idea is to make Xbox Series compatible with a viewer from another manufacturer or. especially if you are working on your own VR viewer for the console.

And that is, let’s not forget, Sony is committed to virtual reality on PlayStation 5, although probably not this year, so it would be somewhat surprising if Microsoft gave up fighting that front against Sony as well. And is that, if in the coming years there is an accelerated growth of virtual reality in games, Sony would have achieved a privileged position in the market simply by lack of appearance of its rival. Making virtual reality possible on Xbox Series may not be a good deal in the present, but it is a bet for the future.

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