VR-helmet Oculus Go does not need a PC or smartphone

Oculus Go | Фото: facebook.com

Company Facebook has introduced a new VR-Oculus Go, which does not require connection to a smartphone, PC or console. It can work independently.

The headset is equipped with a display resolution of 2560×1440 pixels. For comparison, the Oculus Rift resolution is 2160×1200 pixels. The strap is integrated speakers that can play surround sound. Also there are 3.5 mm audio Jack for headphones.

Included with the helmet comes with a special controller that tracks the movement without the extra cameras and additional sensors. Since the new helmet is self-sufficient, his power is approximately the same smartphone gadget can be used for mobile VR gaming or watching videos.

Oculus Go | Фото: engadget.com

Details about the characteristics and performance of the Autonomous work in Facebook not open. In the sale of Oculus Go will be available in early 2018 at a price of $ 199 (about 11 500 rubles).

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