VR-shooter, Finger Gun lets you use the hands as weapons

VR-shooter, Finger Gun lets you use the hands as weapons

More than a year ago Oculus Quest got tracking hands and fingers, which could get rid of the controllers. The ability to interact with digital objects with their own hands immersively enhances the VR experience. However, even a year later, the option remains experimental and synchronized with only a few games and apps.

Shooter virtual reality Finger Gun from developer Studio Miru VR added to the list of games on the Oculus Quest c hand tracking. This is the first shooter game in which You can use controllers, but only to lay down their fingers like a pistol. At the moment development first collects funds for Kickstarter.

The player transforms into the Sheriff of a small town in the West and has a number of skills. One of the more unusual skills is turning its hand to revolvers. The user will have to defend the city from alien robots.

In order to activate the firearm, it is sufficient to fold the fingers into a gesture of the pistol, and his hands almost instantly turn into a threat revolvers.

Miru Studio VR reports close cooperation with Oculus. Also depending on the amount of Finger Gun collection will be updated with new gestures, game modes, a variety of bright skins. There will be several enemy types, and even a multiplayer mode.

About updates and additions, the authors reported on the official page of Finger Gun on Kickstarter.

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