Web-based cash register software Care01 launched

Web-based cash register software Care01 launched

The mobile surgery solution Care01 developed by the Austrian software manufacturer Peacequare brings more flexibility and less effort for cash-strapped doctors. […]

The Care01 solution is a mobile cash register physician software that fully reflects all relevant requirements: service catalogs and the approval of medications required by the chief physician or e-vaccination certificate in addition to modern applications such as online appointment reservation, integrated video consultation and doctor-patient communication. In addition, data protection-compliant reporting and digital master data recording are integrated. Care01 also offers the advantages of a mobile surgery software: no installation, automatic updates and device-and location-independent work-for example with the PC in the surgery, on the mobile phone on the go or on the tablet for self-entry of master data and declarations of consent by patients. “For the first time, cash-strapped physicians can take advantage of web-based medical software at monthly usage fees instead of high acquisition costs,” says Amir Moussa, founder and managing director of Peacequare.

Comprehensive online solution

In contrast to locally installed software, Care01 offers all cashiers and electors modern features – including the central administration of the different, state-specific cashier service catalogs, but also suggestions and warnings (for example, if the e-card plug was forgotten) as well as checks at the end of the day and the end of the billing period. The patient administration includes different patient views (file or timeline), ABS (approval of drugs requiring a chief physician) with connection to GINA and notification function as well as e-vaccination certificate incl. Billing. An online appointment calendar, intelligent waiting lists and the connection with BefundExpress for the data protection-compliant transfer of findings, invoices and other documents are also integrated.

Location-and device-independent work

As a web-based software, Care01 is independent of location, device or systems and therefore particularly flexible and safe to use. If a PC is defective, lost or stolen, work can continue immediately on a replacement device. In addition to data backup and automatic updates, service catalogs, drug lists and addresses are automatically updated. Thanks to the mobile application, multiple users with different locations (such as representatives or members of medical centers) can access and collaborate on the common system. All changes and entries are visible and accessible to all doctors who work together.

According to Moussa, Care01 technology ensures data security. In addition, external medical devices, scanners and printers, external calendars and much more can be connected to simplify the workflow. “The cost side is as flexible as our software: Billing is based on monthly use, and termination is possible at any time at the end of the month,” says Moussa.

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