What Akamai Downtime Can Teach Us About Stable IT Infrastructure

Sichtbarkeit des Netzwerkverkehrs erhöhen um Risiken zu senken

DNS Services

At the end of last week, many Internet sites around the globe had to contend with impairments to their availability, including the online presences of well-known news magazines. The websites of the logistics companies DHL, FedEx and UPS as well as the portals of banks and airlines were also affected – horrendous default costs and reputational damage are the result. Technical problems with the DNS service of the online service provider Akamai were identified as the cause.

Failures in the IT infrastructure are extremely costly for the affected companies and can quickly reach a life-threatening level. Allianz therefore lists cyber incidents as the biggest business risk for the European Economic Area. According to Dell Technologies ‘ Global Data Protection Index 2020, IT outages (downtime) cost companies over $ 800,000 per year on average. The failure costs do not only include direct losses in sales. The complete cost of a critical IT breakdown is many times higher. In addition to the direct damages, the expenses incurred for advertising, SEO, SEA, logistics and personnel. Massive costs also arise from long-term image damage. Once you have lost the trust of customers and business partners, you will not get a second chance.

If a failure affects companies that are part of the critical infrastructure, the consequences are far more drastic: In an emergency, the physical well-being of the population is at stake when the digital processes behind health care, drinking water supply, power plants or other facilities fail. In order to avoid such incidents, stability, performance and accessibility of the infrastructure must be guaranteed at all times. A stable IT infrastructure is crucial for companies ‘ success. The issue deserves the highest priority.

Failures of the IT infrastructure can not only be attributed to software and hardware problems. The risk of malicious cyber attacks has been rising in an inflationary manner for years. According to a survey by the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI), even a quarter of all attacks reach a life-threatening level for the affected companies. The stability of digital business processes can only be ensured by implementing preventive protection measures. These ensure that the availability of the IT infrastructure is ensured both in acute attack scenarios and in the event of sudden load peaks. Experienced specialist service providers can support you with technological expertise in order to achieve maximum security, performance and compliance.

About Myra Security

As a German technology manufacturer, Myra Security offers a secure, certified security-as-a-Service platform for the protection of digital business processes. The smart Myra technology monitors, analyzes and filters harmful Internet traffic even before virtual attacks cause real damage. The German government, the European Central Bank and the Sparkassen-Finanzportal are among the institutions and large companies where Myra successfully fends off attacks in real time. The BSI (Federal Office for Information Security) confirms Myra’s outstanding qualification as a security service provider for critical infrastructures (KRITIS). Myra is the only provider in the world to fully meet all BSI performance characteristics. “We define the standard for global IT security” is the vision of the two founders. Sascha Schumann drives technical innovation as” Mastercoder”, while Paul Kaffsack focuses on entrepreneurial goals.

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