What belongs to a good Managed Firewall Service

Was zu einem guten Managed Firewall Service gehört

Managed Security Services

Firewall as a Service for more security in the company

Cybercriminals are constantly developing their attack methods and tools to attack companies and get their data and knowledge, steal intellectual property, patents and technologies. They engage in highly professional economic espionage, which can cause high, sometimes life-threatening costs and a sharp loss of image.

In order to secure the IT infrastructure against attacks, the protection measures must therefore be constantly up to date and regularly adapted. However, many companies are not able to maintain firewalls, install updates and adjust rules themselves, as this requires a lot of time, knowledge and competence and binds personnel and financial resources that are then no longer available for the actual business activity. In such cases, it is advisable to cooperate with special service providers who have highly qualified specialists and can secure company networks according to individual specifications with always up-to-date technologies.

Purchase Firewall Services

One of the most important tools against cyber attacks is a good firewall, but its operation is associated with some challenges. These can be mastered with the purchase of a managed firewall service. Firewall as a Service (FWaaS) is a service provided in connection with cloud computing that can be compared with other service models such as Software as a Service (SaaS) or Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS).

The providers of such services provide firewall functions from the cloud and take over their complete management. As a rule, billing is based on a usage-based subscription. The prices depend, among other things, on the rental period and the desired range of functions.

What makes a good Managed Firewall Service

One of the most important conditions for the proper functioning of the firewall is the regular installation of security updates so that new threats can be detected and repelled. This also includes the installation and configuration of function extensions and innovations by the service provider. In addition, a backup should also be taken regularly from the configuration of the firewall. This can be done weekly or even daily.

Another measure is the permanent monitoring of the firewall, the so-called monitoring including evaluation of notification e-mails. The configuration should also always be adapted to a changed usage behavior, whereby the respective rules are changed, expanded or deleted if necessary.

Reputable managed firewall service providers also collect information and provide reports on firewall performance and utilization at specified intervals, checking log files for suspicious activity on a daily, weekly or monthly basis as needed. You maintain a support hotline for your customers and ensure fast remote maintenance in the event of problems.

Advantages over a classic firewall

Firewall-as-a-Service offers some tangible advantages over a classic firewall. This includes, among other things, the complete provision and availability as well as the management by the service provider, which takes place centrally via an administration interface. No investment in expensive hardware. At the same time, this allows a company’s security policies to be implemented consistently and consistently, which ultimately leads to a simplification of the entire security infrastructure.

FWaaS is particularly suitable for mobile work, cloud services and the use of distributed applications. Internet traffic does not need to be redirected to a local firewall for control, which reduces data traffic and reduces latency. In addition, all services in connection with the firewall can be easily scaled.

FWaaS service providers have highly qualified personnel who are aware of the latest status of both possible threats and corresponding protection technologies and use them in a professional manner. In-house training of own employees can be dispensed with, which leads to additional cost savings. The scope of services is determined by the customers according to their wishes. If necessary, proactive management can be carried out around the clock on a daily basis.

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