What is an AOT Compiler?

The Ahead-of-Time – or short-AOT-Compiler is done, the task of the full compilation, before the Code reaches for the execution of competent functional level. The principle of operation of the AOT.Compiler is in direct competition with the JIT Compiler.

Compile – an implementation of the form

When you Compile (Assemble; gather) is a Form of Software implementation. Basically, it’s about to transform the generated source code into machine commands.

The source text is created in a higher programming language, the Compiler, the step of the implementation in instruction structures that can be executed by the processor. Formulated instructions of the source text to be translated into adequate flow consequences of machine commands. After Compiling the appropriate program is created, which is presented as executable Code.

Compiled programs have the behavior of an optimized sequence. In particular, in the case of programs with long processes, the increased speed of the processes is of great advantage. With the introduction of a new processor or a different operating system, a New compilation of the source text goes hand in hand – always depending on the compatibility mode.

AOT-Compiler: The term advance

In the description of “Ahead-of-Time” is the delineation of the procedure principle of “Just-in-Time” (JIT) is essential. The term abbreviation AOT and JIT specifically relate to the time of compilation. Ahead-of-Time, in English, “The time” is to be understood quite in the literal sense.

For AOT compilation by the outstaffing programmer generated Code is compiled prior to execution of an application in the machine language of the processor. AOT-Compiler are designed for Compiling high-level languages such as C and C++, but also between representations such as CIL Code and Java Bytecode.

Advantage and procedures compromise the AOT compiler

The AOZ-compilation allows for run-time speed benefits, thanks to the shorter initialization time. While the JIT Compiler would start at the beginning of the process of its Compilation, in the use of an AOT compiler for the Translation at this point.

The process of compromise while using the AOT compiler is obvious. In the course of the compilation about the AOT Compiler, a Code is generated that has lost its platform-independence.

JAOTC – Ahead-of-Time Compiler for Java 9

Since the autumn of 2016, the Java 9 Release features an AOT Compiler. This is important because Java supported up to this point, only the JIT compilation. The integration of the AOT Option had the objective to optimize the Start-times of Java programs. The appropriate Tool within the Java world bearing the name “JAOTC”.


The AOT Compiler included the term “Ahead-of-Time” refers to the time of compilation. He is already in the name, a reference to the goal of this process is to improve the startup times of programs on the Client. This advantage causes on the other hand, the compiled Code loses its platform-independence.

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