Windows 11: How to get the classic Start menu back

Windows 11: How to get the classic Start menu back

Start11 restores the rather unpopular Start menu under Windows 11 back to classic – and more. […]

Some users have such a hard time with the new app dock under Windows 11 and want the classic Start menu back. This is done with an app called Start11.
The idea is new and neither is the company. Stardock has already developed a tool called StartX in the past – this in turn included tools such as Start8 and Start10, which, it is easy to see, under Windows 8 and 10 already had the same tasks as the latest version of the software.
Namely, to restore the Start menu of the previous operating system, at least in terms of design and operation. So is Start11.

Getting Started:

Start11 is easily installed through Windows 11 and provides a more familiar way of interacting with the operating system. The program itself consists of a fairly clear menu in which you can make the desired settings.
After that, you can change the Start menu according to your taste. For example, you can move the taskbar to the top or bottom of the screen or change the size of the icons.
You can easily achieve this via the Start menu – in the points below you will find further setting options

System software for Windows 11, German, from Eur. 6,85 (Single license, no subscription, free for 30 days), download here

*Florian Bodoky is a Neo Apple user, audio enthusiast, PCtipp YouTuber, tech bargain hunter, coffee machine overachiever

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