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The company’s success by better Cloud – and Security-experience With AIOps for automated IT operations

Under the slogan of AIOps, that is to say Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations is the operation of artificial intelligence for IT to be relevant. What does this mean for businesses and what techniques are used in this process, we clarify here.


Artificial intelligence will also help the IT operation, to identify problems faster and to establish automatisms.
Artificial intelligence will also help the IT operation, to identify problems faster and to establish automatisms.(© sdecoret – adobe.stock.com)

Whether in the Cloud, On-premises or in a Hybrid environment: more and more companies implement systems with artificial intelligence (AI). AI does not, in the future, but only the everyday Management of IT systems. The next milestone in the IT industry will also benefit from the use of artificial intelligence.

New approaches to bring innovations in different industries and sectors – from manufacturing and in medicine, as in the case of insurance companies, banks, and financial institutions. Thus, companies are able to make your business and IT to reduce costs. In addition, they ensure AIOps a better Client-to-Cloud experience than ever before – for both employees and customers.

AI can help the IT Teams by automating a number of processes. So equipped, control systems with AI problems Arise and solve them independently before they disrupt the operation of, or for the user to notice anything at all. Thus, automated, AIOps, and Cloud SaaS is the model of customer Support to the head: The artificial intelligence identifies, for example, users with connectivity or experience problems and fixes them (the Self-Driving Network) or open a Ticket to the IT Department with proposals for a solution.

AI has now changed a number of industries in a sustainable way. The production, as well as the E-Commerce. On the Basis of the continuous analysis, AI is able to develop a model or behavior of the profile, such as a System of work should be recorded – the more data, the more accurate this is. The profile deviates out of the artificial intelligence as a warning.

This model is increasingly being applied to IT, with AI systems need to constantly analyze and automatically events as they occur. So you can build up an understanding of normal behaviors and are able to identify different values much faster and easier, and address. If an incident occurs that requires attention, the System issues a warning or automatically grabs corrective measures. Thus, the continuity of the service and a better user experience is guaranteed.

Techniques, the AI systems in order to make IT slimmer

Full-Stack Observability: Events that could affect the operations occur on all levels of a network or infrastructure. This includes physical Connections beyond the operating system, as well as the user interface or applications. AI systems to collect data over the entire Stack and insert the data in the operating model.

Activity analysis in real-time: AI systems continuously analyze the impact of all the events. You can rate then based on the context of the operation. Because the applications to analyze the data proactively alert you automatically if certain events that constitute a risk for the operation. The data also show how serious the Alarm is and whether immediate action is required or whether the Problem is waiting and can be ignored. Thus, the Problem of false triggers alarms triggered by non-intelligent systems.

Intelligent Automation: While the IT staff must be informed about potential problems, the AI systems are programmed to perform in many cases, automatically fixes. An example: The AI System determines that a Software Update changed a configuration file. This could interfere with the operation. The application is then able to automatically restore the previous Version, to business continuity.

Machine Learning at the heart of the intelligent operation: With Machine Learning-equipped AI systems is to sift through all of the collected data. They continually Refine their model, in order to ensure proper operation. In the course of time, the systems will be able to provide proactive recommendations for a better use of resources. Thus, the operation is more efficient and saves the company time and money.

How can businesses benefit from AIOps?

IT system resources are increasingly distributed over wide geographical areas. At the same time, the infrastructure consists of a mix of on-premises, Cloud and Multi-Cloud resources. Due to these facts, it is clear that AIOps is today the only viable method for IT Management.

According to a recent Vanson Bourne conducted an independent survey of 1,000 CIOs and CISOs in nine countries, 87 percent of the respondents in the EMEA Region that AI-controlled companies are more agile and flexible. You also have insight into their digital processes and, therefore, a strong business advantage.

Not only the operation with AIOps improve The use of AI to support a higher operational efficiency, but also the satisfaction of the user is improved. According to the same study, the respondents in the EMEA Region, almost 56 percent of their employees working during the pandemic in a Home Office. You assume that just 38 percent of the workforce will continue to work after the pandemic regularly from home, either part or the whole of the time.

Artificial intelligence helps companies to focus not only to better adapt to your business objectives and deliver results. You can also support external processes. The systems are running remotely continuously and smoothly, satisfied customers and partners, the business and the company continues to be successful on the market.

What is the meaning of AIOps for IT Teams?

The Integration of AI agents to manage the IT infrastructure, and to administer, changed the functioning of Teams in a sustainable way. Tasks and responsibilities are first assigned to. New skills are also required.

Training will be a key factor for a successful implementation of AI: The evaluation and implementation of AI solutions also require investments in the IT Team. To ensure your success, invest in smart organizations in the training of your IT management staff. The result: they understand much better how AI solutions can be used effectively throughout the enterprise to evaluate and implement.

AIOps for IT Management is still in its “infancy”, but more and more companies use it. The year 2021, the turn is expected to point for this technology. The reason: the ongoing pandemic, company continues to face challenges that can be solved. The benefits of AIOps can thus no longer be ignored.

David Simon

David Simon

(Image: Juniper Networks)

As in many other areas of the company, the Teams increasingly rely on AI systems, in order to enable an automated, End-to-End Management and to solve complex user problems. This reduces the stress and the Workload of the IT team and ensures a better, more accurate and more proactive IT Management, thus ensuring the competitiveness and economic success.

* David Simon is a Consulting Engineer at Juniper Networks.


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