Zenimax, the founder and CEO Robert A. Altman died

Bethesda has announced the death on Twitter and its own website. Altman’s son James has also made an open farewell letter on the Bethesda website.

The founder and CEO of Zenimax Robert A. Altman died, published by the subsidiary Bethesda on Twitter and its own website. A farewell message and an Email, was divided Altman to the workforce. The Deceased understanding of the hard Corona expresses Situation and highlights the Positive in everyday life. He also calls on the occasion of the company’s anniversary all outsourcing employees to take the time, on their own achievements to look back.

Altman’s son, James, who is employed at Bethesda, has written a letter to the Public, which is also read on the Bethesda site. In it, he tells of the personality of his father, whose work ethic and recalls some anecdotes.

Altman founded Zenimax in 1999, together with Chrisopher Weaver, and since then has been managing Director. In addition to his son, Altmann a daughter and his wife.

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