Zoom: these are the new features

Zoom: these are the new features


There are additional languages, additional settings, a new presence status “all have participated” and optimized presentation handling. […]

Zoom has released a major update. With the update, the video conferencing tool offers a number of new functions at the beginning of the Christmas season to make digital events more individual.

Zoom Meetings

Languages spoken

The Zoom client now also supports Turkish and Polish. By default, the video conferencing tool adapts to the operating system language. Alternatively, users can select a language manually.

Additional settings

Zoom has extended the possibilities to enable automatic updates in the tool (explained here). If you record content with zoom and don’t want a disturbing watermark in the middle: the size and placement of the watermark can now be set. It can also be enabled by default and customized via the web portal before a meeting.

Survey Extensions

Those who organize meetings and webinars now have additional options to create surveys. For example, you can order answers by ranking, there are matches, short or long answers, as well as gap texts. This in order to get more opportunities in gaining feedback, Zoom said in a message. The same function can also be used for a quiz.

Attendance status “Everyone participated”

New Presence status (c) Zoom

A new presence status is designed to optimize the start of meetings. With Zoom integrations for Google and Outlook calendar integrations, hosts see who accepted or declined the invitation to a meeting and whether everyone attended.

Optimized presentation handling

The person who presents is not always the same person who controls a screen transfer. Users can now select multiple people during a presentation to control the movement of the slides. This means that lecturers no longer have to ask other participants to move the presentation.

Zoom Events

Recently, various new conference functions for Zoom events were launched. Other functions are to follow, which Zoom does not mention in the message.

More flexible chat

Moderators and hosts now have the option to switch the chat on and off at any time. In this way, discussions should be stimulated at critical moments.

Accessible bathroom

So that more users can use the video conferencing tool, the API for subtitles from third-party providers is now integrated into zoom events. How to integrate third-party subtitles is explained here.

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