Zühlke combines business and technology expertise in one place

Zühlke combines business and technology expertise in one place


With a new electronics laboratory, the innovation service provider Zühlke Austria can cover the entire product development on site in Vienna. […]

Zühlke, member of the excellence platform Leitbetriebe Austria, supports companies to create and transform services and products based on the latest technologies. Particular attention is paid to the sustainability of the solutions. In order to involve customers in Austria even better in product development, a separate electronics laboratory has now been established in Vienna.

“Our service is all–encompassing – from the idea draft to the first prototype and the complete product development to manufacturing, market launch and maintenance,” says Barbara Hotwagner, Managing Director Competence Center at Zühlke. “No matter whether it is about the optimization of individual components or the development of complex devices and the associated material.“

For improved products and against delivery bottlenecks

The construction of our own electronics laboratory was a logical step after the demand for product developments and embedded projects in Austria became ever greater. That’s why construction has been underway since last autumn. The special thing about it: The laboratory was created in the middle of the Zühlke office in the Rivergate building in Vienna. As a result, it is also spatially directly connected to the project teams. Customers thus continue to benefit from the team-oriented way of working and the interdisciplinary expert knowledge that extends across all industry boundaries. At the same time, the electronics team was also enlarged.

In the new premises, individual components are created that are precisely tailored to the customer project. “This plays an important role, especially in times of supply bottlenecks,” points out Robert Sorschag, Senior Business Solution Manager at Zühlke Austria. “With our own electronics laboratory, we can make local adjustments to respond to bottlenecks on the international market. At the same time, the customer has the opportunity to have electronic components optimized by us through so-called “re-engineering” and to make them more sustainable.“ This makes us more independent of supply chains. Zühlke develops, designs, tests and builds product and system innovations – for start–ups as well as for well-known manufacturers from a wide variety of industries: from household appliances, industrial goods and medical devices to products in the field of energy and water.

Our own State of the Art laboratory in Vienna

Oscilloscopes, thermal imaging camera, extraction system – the laboratory is equipped with everything necessary for electronics development. The management and the electronics team have worked hand in hand so that all needs can be covered. Special attention was also paid to safety precautions. Due to their high degree of individualization, Zühlke solutions are specifically geared to the customer’s significant competitive advantages, which is why they are often created in secrecy. This also had to be taken into account in the laboratory planning: “Since many of our projects are running under NDA, i.e. non-disclosure agreement, it is very important to us that, for example, the premises are separated and protected from view, so that only selected colleagues have access,” says Hotwagner.

From the idea to market success

Developing complex devices and products is a real challenge, even in established industries. This is because product variability is becoming ever greater, the running time of products is becoming ever shorter and product software is becoming ever more important. In addition, the greater the pressure to innovate, the smaller the appropriate time window for the individual new product.  Zühlke therefore supports customers as a reliable innovation partner with multidisciplinary expertise and experience. The offer includes everything that is necessary to bring an idea or a device to the market: mechanics, electronics, firmware, embedded software, connectivity, optical systems and of course simulation / CAD – all from a single source. Zühlke leads through the entire product design and product development process. The specially assembled project teams always clearly follow the design-to-cost idea, but never lose sight of the crucial functions. Thanks to the new electronics laboratory, all this is now possible with local expertise and support in Vienna.

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