Outsourcing model of collaboration allows a company to hire another company to perform services fast and easily. Not only does this model help a company to elevate their business processes and speed the market, but it also enables a client to entrust the outsourcing company the whole project from A to Z. Moreover, the outsourcing company keeps control over project development and implementation.
Advantages of Outsourcing
Disadvantages of Outsourcing
Service provider has full control over the development
Lack of control and participation
100% responsibility for code quality
Higher hourly rates
No management and hiring efforts for the client
Limited access to the code base
All the equipment provided
Possible communication issues
Risks of data leakage

When to Use Outsourcing

Lack of talent
You have access to a pool of top-level specialists while avoiding the costs of hiring new workers on a full-time basis.
Project complexity
You lack the technological experience to implement a complex project as the processes are complicated and heavily time-constrained.
Service providers help businesses to cut costs on hiring in-house staff while producing better results.
Specialized roles
You lack a specialist with specific qualifications and skills to perform tasks and complete a project on time.
Tight deadline
You need tasks to be executed over a fixed period of time and within a certain cost.

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