Outsourcing model of collaboration allows a company to hire another company to perform services fast and easily. Not only does this model help a company to elevate their business processes and speed the market, but it also enables a client to entrust the outsourcing company the whole project from A to Z. Moreover, the outsourcing company keeps control over project development and implementation.
Advantages of Outsourcing
Disadvantages of Outsourcing
Service provider has full control over the development
Lack of control and participation
100% responsibility for code quality
Higher hourly rates
No management and hiring efforts for the client
Limited access to the code base
All the equipment provided
Possible communication issues
Risks of data leakage

When to Use Outsourcing

Lack of talent
You have access to a pool of top-level specialists while avoiding the costs of hiring new workers on a full-time basis.
Project complexity
You lack the technological experience to implement a complex project as the processes are complicated and heavily time-constrained.
Service providers help businesses to cut costs on hiring in-house staff while producing better results.
Specialized roles
You lack a specialist with specific qualifications and skills to perform tasks and complete a project on time.
Tight deadline
You need tasks to be executed over a fixed period of time and within a certain cost.

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The Power of Outsourcing in IT

People are afraid of things if they are not familiar with them. It is worth giving a shot at new opportunities. You may already have heard about outsourcing and what it is, or you are already familiar with it but have doubts. Will you be surprised to hear that in 2019 only the money spent to outsource IT was more than $65 billion? With all these said, take your time to discover how outsourced IT service will benefit your company.

Outsourcing in General - Benefits, and Drawbacks

In simple terms, it is called outsourcing whenever companies decide to hire custom specialists from other companies. The reasons why companies opt for this vary from cost-effectiveness to lowered risks. Software development outsource is a process, and you should know all of its ups and downs. Let’s take a look at some of them.

  1. Cheaper to hire. Outsourcing of software development teams from some companies is far less expensive than engaging them in the USA. You are guaranteed to get the same quality for a much lower price by doing so.

  2. Ability to hire from a talent pool. If you are interested in outsourcing an IT company, you will have access to an extensive collection of talents. Therefore, there will be no shortage of specialists you need to hire. In case your requirements include web development, worry no more.

  3. Saving time considerably. Provided that you plan to outsource IT support services, you will not have to worry about the time you have to spend to hire professionals. The vendor you hire will have all the devs you need.

  4. Continuous workflow and scalability. Some vendors hire from various countries, and therefore, they can manage so that different devs work night and day on your project. What is more, you can bring in new clients with different needs, and the vendor’s scalability gives you the power to accept the challenges those customers bring. The outsourced software development company will do its best to meet the needs of the contractors.

Outsourcing is not perfect and has some drawbacks

  • If your vendor’s manager lives in a timezone that vastly varies from yours, you may have trouble finding a convenient time for meetings.

  • Sometimes, language is a barrier, and this may cause miscommunication. You can avoid this by requesting a vendor to assign a manager who speaks your language.

Reasons for Outsourcing

Besides advantages, there are some reasons why you can prefer outsourcing. Other than lessening hassle in IT management, there are some other motives.

  • Providing specialists in specific industries. Some platforms can provide you with a solely specialized team in your domain, be that banking, healthcare, insurance, or any other field you can name.

  • Product development with various difficulties and needs. Some devs are interested in the backend, some in the front-end, others in full-stack. More than that, they specialize in CRM systems, financial-related apps, data analytics, eLearning, CRMs, etc. Only by hiring one vendor can you get your hands on all those and many more.

  • No need to buy expensive software or rent a place for the staff. You may even be surprised to learn that most devs work remotely and already own the software. Fewer expenses, more savings.

Some authors state that there are four types of outsourcing. Namely, Offshoring, Nearshoring, Onshoring, and Multisourcing. As if that is not enough, there are some pricing models available. Nevertheless, types and models of outsourcing are not in the scope of this article, and if you are enthusiastic about them, feel free to search on the internet.

Strategies for Outsourcing

To fully benefit from an outsourcing company, evaluate your strategies based on your needs. If your plan is website development, then act accordingly. The following simple steps can be helpful in this journey.

  1. Have clear goals. Nobody can do that for you if you can’t state your goals clearly. No wind serves him who addresses his voyage to no particular port.
  2. Choose your provider after an extensive analysis. Spending time searching for a high-quality services company will later save your time, energy, money, and most importantly, brain cells.
  3. Delegate your tasks according to your IT projects. Try to find a combination of excellent coders with even better consultants. Don’t underestimate what consultants will bring to the table.


Working with an outsourced development team may at first seem strange to you. However, as time passes, you will realize that it was worth hiring the outsourcing company. The digital world made it all easier now before then.

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