Outstaffing – An Efficient Method to Grow Your Brand

The commercial success of a recently established brand strictly depends on the skills and knowledge of its staff. The business owners always aim to gather a team of proficient workers who know all the specificities of their job and can deal with various challenges. And sometimes, it’s better to entrust particular operations not connected with the brand’s services to experienced specialists. That’s why outstaffing companies are popular nowadays.


IWantatech’s outstaffing department includes experts that help organizations solve their technical and development issues. More than 4 years of cooperation with 150+ clients helped the specialists acquire advanced skills to become flexible for working in numerous niches. So, let’s discover the primary benefits of employing the staff from the agency and understand why it’s popular in 2022.

Advantages of Outstaffing
What Is Outstaffing?
Service provider is responsible for payroll
Simply put, it’s when the employees have an established labor contract with the outstaffing agency (outstaffer), working with another firm that hired them. The outstaffer is responsible for salary and tax payments and enforcing labor legislation (hiring, dismissal, etc.). Overall, it’s a simplified process of hiring employees that makes several formal operations unnecessary.
Full control over development
How Is It Different from Outsourcing?
Lower rates
The mechanism of cooperation makes these 2 models different. Outsourcing means that the firm provides the necessary services permanently without giving workers out of state and signing the outstaffing contract.
Development cost savings
Flexible hiring model
Simple content

When to Use Outstaffing

Keep data secure
You need to protect the project information and prevent data from leakage.
More control
There is a necessity to have full control over the development and implementation process and manage the team directly.
Development cost savings
You aim to cut costs on development and hire developers with lower rates.
Flexibility of the hiring process
You have access to a larger tech talents pool with the possibility to hire the most suitable candidate for your project.

Goals of Outstaffing Company

The agencies have a straightforward algorithm for simplifying internal operations and reaching the specific goals:

• Improving the economic model of marketing activities.

• Optimization of personnel working processes.

• Empowering human resource management.

• Reducing the burden on the enterprise personnel department and insurance risks.

• Reducing the economic and directional burden on the company while maintaining direct staff management.

• Ensuring maximum flexibility in the leadership of workers and matching the number of workforce to the actual volume of work.

The Contractor manages to pay wages and other remunerations to the personnel provided, which is why hiring personnel is a simplified employment archetype.

Benefits of IWantatech Outstaffing Agency

Our agency guarantees to provide the experienced personnel that will make all the required pieces of work and helps the brands get an innovative corporate structure. Here, you can see the opportunities acquired by working with our experts.

Our Outstaffing Services

We guarantee that establishing an outstaffing contract with us for one of the listed functions will help your brand acquire the maximum efficiency:

Our developers use a step-by-step algorithm for creating efficient applications with proper testing and launch.

We know the requirements of modern users, so our specialists will provide innovative and multifunctional designs with each element performing perfectly.
The particular algorithms of quality testing and monitoring quality considering the statistically significant variations will help businesses provide only reliable products and services.
Our specialists guarantee the perfect connection between several business applications with the appropriate data exchange algorithms.
The team will create and maintain a virtual infrastructure with various specific functions and a high level of data protection.
Iwanta Tech – is a full-service game development company for all key game developments, be it Windows or Mac, Android, or IOS.

Overall, outstaffing is a popular method to improve the company’s working processes and entrust the obligatory operations to experienced staff. Cooperation with the agencies that provide the personnel will simplify various operations and strengthen its internal organizational structure.

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