Our company presents our it outstaffing services, which are shown below:

  • Web and mobile app development
  • UI/UI Design and modeling
  • Quality control mechanization
  • Business app integration
  • DevOps
  • Cloud
Advantages of Outstaffing
Disadvantages of Outstaffing
Service provider is responsible for payroll
Risks of poor planning
Full control over development
Need to choose communication tools
Lower rates
Responsibility for the whole development and implementation process
Development cost savings
Flexible hiring model
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When to Use Outstaffing

Keep data secure
You need to protect the project information and prevent data from leakage.
More control
There is a necessity to have full control over the development and implementation process and manage the team directly.
Development cost savings
You aim to cut costs on development and hire developers with lower rates.
Flexibility of the hiring process
You have access to a larger tech talents pool with the possibility to hire the most suitable candidate for your project.

1. The essence of software development outstaffing

In its simplest way, software development outstaffing shows a group of experts an organization selects to employ for carrying out all the requirements for remote software development.

2. Key benefits

Key benefits of the outstaffing are

  • Hi-tech talented and experienced staff
  • Decrease of price and risks
  • Organizational effectivity and scalability
  • Good report system to observe productivity and results
  • Access to communicate with hired staff through different web tools
  • Complete dedication to clients goals
  • No Management expenses
  • No additional investments in employee training and industry costs

2.1 High Quality

Our company Iwanta. Tech produces high-quality products and services for customers. The experts of our team show their excellent expertise, dedication, respect and immediate support in project development. The main requirement from us to the client is honest to all they demand for the product.

2.2 Focus on the core

If the client chooses us as an outstaffing team, we are always ready to concentrate on the customer’s project and its core goals, tasks, and peculiarities.

2.3 Cost compression

Our outstaffing services are accessible for any client with different budgets.

2.4 Full control over the development process

Our experts assure the client to have complete control over the creation. We will discuss any detail or change our developers are going to make.

3. How to hire outstaffing developers

The process of hiring starts with…

  • The start call to discuss cooperation chances
  • NDA signing
  • Formation of technical specifications and start of the creation process
  • Determination of team base, candidate profiles, and deadlines
  • Workflow, hiring staff, and estimation of risks
  • Launching SDLC
  • Meeting of project members with the customer

Our customers hire our Iwanta. Tech outstaffing team taking in mind such aspects

  • No large employment. We like to perform the tasks which strictly correspond with customers demands and values, output features, and long-term cooperation.
  • Before the work starts, our team provides potential project structure, financial and creation plans.
  • We organize a unique development team according to the projects demands and market trends.
  • Outstaffing needs project control to be handled by the client side.

Pros of outstaffing

  • Easiness

Outstaffing simplifies the staff management: holidays, sickness breaks, salary payments, social questions. All of these issues are regulated by outstaffing companies.

  • Less employment

An employer keeps their time selecting candidates because the outstaffing service looks for appropriate masters for projects.

Low prices for working hours.

The main advantage of outstaffing is the optimization of the profitable strategy of the company. Enforce your company with new genius!

Team increase is a changeable strategy that makes the client employ the most skillful experts and straight control the augmented team. The customer has the right to cut or increase the team if they require it. Our company Iwanta. Tech can find the most effective masters for the client’s company skill base.

Cons of outstaffing

  • The condition to have in-house team

The client should hire an in-house team to trust. While you apply outstaffing services you should have in-house employees to regulate the company work stable. 

4.Why Iwanta.tech

Companies’ activity today faces different obstacles in all stages. The unreliable economic situation, as well as technological and social growths, makes firms to be well structured, flexible, and create output and provide services that are worthy, available, and of high quality. That’s why it is quite essential to choose the right partners.

Iwanta. Tech is an excellent solution for you because

  • We are an outsourcing partner you can rely on
  • We are qualified specialists in all suggestions we have for you
  • All our services concentrate on the maximum result
  • Our client service structure is perfect

Our company suggests to the clients the qualified specialists, remoted developers to find the best solutions for their project requirements.

Our flexible system of staff organization helps you to hire appropriate performers of client ideas.

We use only the modern and innovative platforms and tools for the outstaffing software development.

Our Approach to the creation process

  • Estimation of the project
  • Stable delivery of high-quality software product
  • Hi-tech Expertise and Intuitive design
  • Constant interaction with the customers
  • Best creators for the 100% clients success
  • Staff Choice

Our IT recruitment team is responsible for the search of suitable colleagues for the buyers. We sort the profiles of candidates and choose the most appropriate ones for particular roles and the concrete case.

Customer engagement in hiring

The client may select the best CVS for each vacancy. If the customers desire to have new candidates, we will suggest immediately.

5.Which solutions do we offer

For startups and young businesses our outstaffing company suggests

  • to organize 3-4 working meeting to determine demands and success strategy
  • to receive an expert opinion from our engineers about the idea and its development
  • to get an estimation of the potential workers during the creation stages
  • to choose the dedicated team type and to set SDLC

For big corporations and enterprises we propose

  • to improve creational abilities
  • to define the production targets and demands
  • to set delivery management and complete support of every process step


Initiating R and D in company’s teams

  • range development processes and determining roles
  • a constant support in the quick, safe high-quality project handling/control
  • work with customers and their values
  • solving accounting and legacy arguments

6.Final thoughts

Our outstaffing company offers the clients an ordinary service to hire workers by outstaffing. We provide a talented staff to customers current requirements and aims of business. Our team is competent at many hi-tech spheres, fixes, and experience of various levels.

When dealing with the outstaffing base team it covers the special kinds of experts, namely

  • Developers
  • Business analysts
  • Testing analysts
  • Solution creators
  • system engineers
  • Administrators
  • Network engineers
  • Service managers
  • Project managers
  • guides

Our remote colleagues may work from the office or on site.

Our professional team can help the client with any – term projects with different number of members. All tasks, documents, and tools are guaranteed to be regulated quickly and effectively.

If you want us to be your software development outstaffing partner, we are always ready to work at the moment.

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