Outstaffing model of collaboration allows a company to hire a worker from a software outsourcing company to perform development tasks. However, the hired person is officially employed by the service provider (outsourcing agency). Moreover, it has responsibility for worker’s salary, bonuses, equipment, etc. while a client company provides a worker with tasks and assignments only.
Advantages of Outstaffing
Disadvantages of Outstaffing
Service provider is responsible for payroll
Risks of poor planning
Full control over development
Need to choose communication tools
Lower rates
Responsibility for the whole development and implementation process
Development cost savings
Flexible hiring model
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When to Use Outstaffing

Keep data secure
You need to protect the project information and prevent data from leakage.
More control
There is a necessity to have full control over the development and implementation process and manage the team directly.
Development cost savings
You aim to cut costs on development and hire developers with lower rates.
Flexibility of the hiring process
You have access to a larger tech talents pool with the possibility to hire the most suitable candidate for your project.

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