Android Development Services

Our company Iwanta. Tech develops apps of any complexity for customers for 5+ years. Our experts propose clients apply Android Development Services to fulfill the idea from the notes to the real selling product. In addition, we recommend all customers use outsourcing. Experts at serve customers in different spheres covering traveling, media, medicine, retailing, education.

Iwanta.Tech team will direct all capacities and give your useful recommendations about android development. We have practice in generating business Android, social media, mobile apps, games, and AR apps.

Android mobile app development services we propose

  • Consulting

We hold full consulting services that consist of such topics as business analytics, PoC, MVP.

  • UI/UI design

We apply the user-focused way to arrange a flexible user experience. Our developers pay great attention to each component of the structure by creating detailed mock-ups and wireframes.

  • Back-end coding

Iwanta. Tech Android developers form a reliable back-end fix, which is easy to adjust.

  • Back-end engineering

Our masters deal with backend development and API integration to your product.

Mobile App Development

Want to have support and assistance with Android mobile app development? Our engineers assist customers with the creation of apps from scratch to delivery.

Our customers will receive a full phase of Android mobile app development services. They are

  • Modeling
  • UI/UX design
  • Coding
  • Test trial
  • Release and delivery
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We also support our clients and their projects after the launching period. We concentrate on this because we want to ensure that the customers’ product is on the market and appropriate in quality, technologies, and users’ requests.

Mobile app creation provides many advantages for

  • Corporate apps

The benefits are to automate processes and reduce costs; to have a chance to be more comfortable for clients than competitors, to have the opportunity to analyze the performance of the company team.

  • Online shops

Optimization of the business process. An effective tool for sales. A good source for informing the customers about updating info and news.

Game Development

We developed a dozen original mobile games, so we are aware of what design and tricks they should have to impress the audience. Let take a closer look at what we can offer you:

  • A complete phase of Android mobile game development
  • Clear and success-potential architecture
  • Game art asset building
  • Test trial
  • Post-production assistance

Technologies that are applied for Android game development are

  • C++
  • Unity
  • Unreal Engine
  • Html5
  • C#
  • Swift

What Do We Offer

If you want to order an app, the development for Android is provided for you. The user will get a set of professional customized Android app development services. Our group of experts assists to build, improve, upgrade, debug and test any Android app to ensure it corresponds with all customers' requirements.


Your Android product will be performed for production and published for mass distribution.

Control and assistance

Iwanta. Tech specialists will continue to improve your solution after the setup and help to handle bug fixing, performance, system observation, modernization, and new functions fulfillment.

Native mobile apps

Our engineers generate iOS and Android apps implementing native coding languages such as Java, Swift, Objective C.

Hybrid apps

Iwanta. Tech developers are qualified in the formation of hybrid mobile apps that can handle the same code for both operating systems and simultaneously follow the development period easier.

Cross-platform apps

We advance high-quality apps which may compete with the most powerful operating systems and work on all suggested devices, having the same interface and visual effects on all platforms.

Web apps

Our team Iwanta. Tech creates secure web apps applying innovative web hi-tech that have the same peculiarities as native apps on mobiles.

Over more than five years in the industry, Iwanta. Tech develops modern reliable Android apps for our international customers. Our Android development company may help you to find an effective solution for any kind of device and of any complexity.

The experts of our company are aware of any pitfalls of the Android platform. Our practiced developers can handle any problem on any Android device. Our Android app development services provide you a high-quality product that surely attracts the audience.

Development From Scratch

Our Android app development services are based on a simple but efficient process. We may help customers build a model, make a business strategy, support the post-production project, and so on. Our masters may transform a client's project from scratch to a high-quality product, software, or app.

Let's have a closer look at our basic steps of the development service process. Our team Iwanta. Tech goes through 3 stages:

  • The beginning includes the analysis of clients primary requirements, the choice of the specialists or team, the formation of technical documents, and the creation of a basic model
  • The development stage covers the choice of appropriate building methods, the check of code, testing, and release
  • The support stage consists of constant monitoring of the product running, debugging, and 24/7 help.

Current Product Enhancement

Our team may improve the product if the customers require it according to modern hi-tech and new possibilities.

Software Integration

Our developers also perform the software integration it is required.

Technologies We Leverage

As our team controls the standards of work, our masters should regularly update their practices and knowledge about hi-tech, instruments, fixes, databases, functionalities, frameworks, and features. The hi-tech we implement in projects are the following:

  • Java
  • Kotlin
  • JS
  • XML


The coding languages we handle:

  • Java
  • Javascript
  • Python
  • C
  • C++
  • C#
  • Html
  • CSS


Frameworks we deal with for software are the following:

  • Android SDK

Android SDK is a universal instrument for mobile app development. The basic peculiarity of this framework is the possibility to provide good functionality, test origin code, and check the app performance in real-time.

  • Android NDK

Android NDK is a set of tools for the implementation of app details to the native code, applying coding languages as c or c++.


SQL is used for the development of Android apps. The suggested database is a safe source and assistance for Android creation and contributes to all tools to make the app more productive, effective, and user-friendly.

Why Do We Stand Among Other Developers

There are some reasons why the client should release their Android product with us:

  • Analytics

Users get an effective and working solution, which is formulated specialized for them and oriented only on their case.

  • Experience

We suggest creating products together, under your control on quality, and keeping deadlines. Complex tasks are not an exception.

  • Guarantee of contract fulfillment.

Our obligations will be surely performed.

  • Price policy.

Our company offers the most available prices in the market.

High Performance

Creating an Android product is a procedure that requires structure and sequence. We investigate, analyze, check Android apps according to the specialized criteria(functionality, user-friendly interface, design, search function and so on.

  • Our masters carefully develop all components of the interface. We try to make it understandable, client-friendly, comfy.
  • We arrange an effective and minimalistic design. The product should have an equally good look from all devices is our priority.
  • Making Android apps is done under the control of customers.
  • Test trial.

A testing period is long but productive. The app already appears on the market when having no bugs.

  • The stage of the publication covers the period of details agreement and app moderation.

Our Iwanta. Tech provides the technical support of the developed Android product. We guarantee the quick elimination of all occurred errors. Our applications are intuitive and simple to apply. We guarantee the high performance of any stage of Android app development.

Personal Approach

Any Android project of our company Iwanta. Tech is performed with a personal approach. We assure you that the result impresses you and shows the high quality of the product.

Consistent Delivery

Our client controls which functions of Android projects are developed. Clients may change the priority of decisions. The results of the work the user may observe visually within the app.

Price estimation for Android app development will be performed after the detailed analysis of all system elements and counting all peculiarities of the product.

All terms of a partnership are established in the contract, which is a confirmation for the fulfillment of our work.

The contract prescribes that the Android app will be user-friendly, clear, and moderated when it appears in Google Play. The delivery is constantly done on time. No delays and cancelations.

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What Can We Develop For Android?

Our outsourcing company Iwanta. Tech develops mobile and game apps for Android.

What Technology Bundle of Tools Do We Apply?

Our company Iwanta. Tech experts apply such innovative hi-techs for Android app or software building as

  • Java
  • Kotlin
  • JS
  • XML

How Do I Ensure The Quality Of My Project?

The client may check the quality of the project with the responsible developer and according to the agreement both sides signed.

How Can I Check The Progress?

The customer can check the progress any time wherever they want.

What Is A Maintenance & Support Period?

The maintenance and support period is approximately 3-6 months. It depends on the complexity of the project, the workload of the developers, the number of instruments, and the means.

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