Scala Development Services Overview

Nowadays, the Java and Scala coding languages compete with each other for the place in mobile and web development. In some aspects, Scala is in priority. This code languagep is used by huge online organizations and info providers.

The good functionality of CMS and reliable backends are two guarantees of the quality product which is done by Scala.

Our specialists generate the high-performance, flexible, stable and dynamic Scala apps that may be arranged to your requests, and enforce your business progress.

We form high-quality outcomes on Scala. This code language is multi-paradigm, that integrates the features of object-focused and functional coding in any environment.

Our Scala dedicated experts apply the checked approaches of both coding paradigms to get all features useful for app performance, stability and server systems connections.

We are ready to handle outsourcing services for any size and complexity projects with our clients for short or long-term cooperation.

The generation of SaaS has special advantages among business projects

  • Reduces the client costs
  • Increases the progress
  • Requires minimal intervention

If the client is going to have a private cloud-based platform, they are required to do every step perfectly. We may help to find out the most appropriate solution for your case.

Web Development

Iwanta. Tech solutions suggest Scala web creation for different-size businesses. If the systems of the clients' projects are done on the classic frameworks and they need to be improved or it is time for migration.

Desktop Development

Sometimes security and Performance problems force us to use the user machine for running. We can deliver and form desktop apps on all possible platforms (Linux, Mac,Windows).

Mobile Development

If the customers software doesn't use mobile versions, you lose the influence on the wide part of potential buyers (audience). Our team is ready to create an app with original and user-friendly features.

Server-Side Software Development

Our experts may deal with the web based frontend and improve the platform functionality without any errors. Iwanta. Tech competence lets us precise web solutions counting every peculiarity of the chosen project.

Every web cloud-based service needs to have a reliable server-end. Our Scala development team of specialists check every component and functionality before the production.

Scala Tools That We Use

The platforms our experts are proficient at

  • Ruby On rails
  • MEAN
  • PHP

Tools, Iwanta.Tech Deals with

  • Spark
  • Play framework
  • Akka toolkit

Technology our team leverages

  • Lift
  • Spray
  • Akka
  • Spark

Scala offers a set of additional functional possibilities than java.

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Why Choose For Scala Development

We know how critical the client may be to outsource Scala creation to an IT company: Iwanta. Tech can prove the expertise and show the portfolio of high-standard products. We use only innovative hi-tech for our services.

The benefits of Scala Development

Scala is done to show the most general coding  models in an open, available and clear way.

  • Scala is object-focused

This object-oriented language possesses classes, types, objects, sub-points and inheritance.

  • Scala is practical

It's hard to exchange features and high standard functions are all inherited for Scala.

  • Scala is written and Extensible

Scala provides code extensions in the model of libraries for high-quality app development.

  • Scala interconnection with other programming languages

This beneficial feature to cooperate with other software and codes such as Java and. NET.

Some industries the Scala is relevant now:

  • Finance
  • Banking
  • Social media
  • Marketing
  • E-commerce and - learning

Scala mixture of both types coding let the experts build different kinds of systems (simple, complex) easily and adapt the product to new changes and requirements without efforts,

The code can be integrated into any kind of platform and run without errors and bugs.

Scala works in JVM and may be interconnected with Java. The developer uses the Java background tools (libraries, methods, classes, interfaces for Scala projects.

Skilled Developers

Our type of intercooperation constantly stimulates us to get more experience. Mixing our marketing skills and domain info with our hi-tech competence, we provide the best answers that overcome any type of obstacle.

Dedicated Scala developers at Iwanta. Tech can generate custom software that will transfer into a new stage of development.

Our experts analyze and satisfy all customers' project needs.

If the user looks for remote workers, they can rely on the highly qualified services offered by Iwanta. Tech. With competence and experience our Scala experts may transform and change any project, satisfy all needs, and handle projects of any complexity.

Efficient Project Management

When the customer outsources the Scala project or works with our Iwanta. tech masters, the communication happens when it is required or necessary for the client. We provide our business analyst who is responsible for the user's account. Our language skills help us find mutual decisions while communicating.

We surely try to provide effective project management to get the client goals and more experience for us.

Individual Approach To Each Case

Iwanta. Tech realizes that all results are constantly changed while being in the flow on different stages of creation :we check and test all formulated decisions with you to find the best one for your special case.

Iwanta. Tech solutions may help customers integrate innovative hi-tech.

Intellectual property

All intellectual property is kept under our defense. We ask the client's sign Nda  and protect their info, documents and project code.

Budget - available

Using outsourcing experience, the user may choose the optimal set of prices which is available for the precise budget.

We try to find the individual approach for every client and satisfy all necessary requests and suggestions.

Rapid Delivery

Iwanta. Tech company deals with all software requirements, keeping the time and goal of customers  to concentrate on other main peculiarities of the business.

All details of the project are discussed minutely and all special paragraphs are judicially fixed.

Our specialists provide the rapid and on time delivery of any ordered projects without delays.

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What Can You Develop Using Scala?

Our company Iwanta. Tech offers web, desktop, mobile, and Server-Side software development by using Scala.

What Are The Benefits And Drawbacks Of Using Scala?

The code language Scala is Adaptive, flexible, interconnected with other languages, comfortable for work, and easy to use for creation program. Scale code is shorter than Java one.

How Do I Ensure The Quality Of My Project?

The client may check the quality of the project any time. You just ask for the responsible developer to show you all progress and details of the product.

How Can I Track The Progress?

The client can track the progress of the Deal online or during the offline meeting with the developer or team.

Do You Provide Scala Development Consulting Services?

Yes. We do. Our company provides Scala Development consulting services before the upcoming cooperation, if the clients have doubts or have some additional questions.

If you would like to work on your project with us, we are glad to cooperate with you, provide high-quality services and help you to achieve the goals. Get in touch with us and we can discuss all details wherever you want.

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