1. Where is c++ applied?

The c++ is a compiling stable prototyping coding language of general-purpose. It has some significant advantages, which are the following:

  • Good-done
  • Having multiple goals
  • Many features, options
  • Possessing Cross-Platform structure
  • Fast creation
  • Saving the clients costs
  • Object-oriented
  • Syntax-formed
  • Platform-dependent
  • Memory control
  • Power and high speed
  • Possessing pointers
  • Compiler-based

C++ is usually applied for long-term projects. C++ is recommended for projects with their complex protocols, prototypes of info connection, and data security. This hi-tech contributes to the high quality of app performance. The number one advantage of using c++ is that this code is never getting old and useless.C++ development is usually applied due to some advantage it has:

  • Cross-platform capability
  • High performance
  • Big range of tools
  • Large data library
  • High-quality optimization compilers

C++ is usually applied for the creation of

  • Games (presented below in separate point)
  • Graphic user interfaces-based apps
  • Database software
  • Browsers
  • Business apps
  • Cloud systems
  • Libraries
  • Embedded systems
  • Compilers
  • Enterprise software

C++ used for GUI apps has the necessary features for the building of quality products: image processing audio and video converting and editing.

Database software created by c++ is popular and provides the majority of useful info and becomes a complete origin source.

C++ provides quick programming for browsers and system-level functions.

Business apps by c++ usually work effectively and with our overload.

C++ becomes hardware for cloud systems and performs multithreading support for them.

Compilers are written with c++ because of their ability to manipulate the hardware resources.

Libraries use this coding language as a core to have high-level mathematical computations and performance.

C++ gives the low-level function for embedded software.

Тhe enterprise software uses c++ to optimize the software performance and improve the functionality.

2. What do we offer

Iwanta. Tech offers such services of c++development as

  • C++application
  • Embedded software
  • Games
  • Upgrading existing c++ apps
  • Constant support

Our company applies C++ to create desktop apps for  such platforms as Windows OS, and Linux. C++ is perfect to develop embedded software and systems for all devices and different enterprises. We may also build server-side apps for Windows and Linux server bases. C++ Mobile apps may be developed by our team. We have great experience in c++ iOS and Android app creation.

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2.3. Support and maintenance

 Our Iwanta. Tech c++ engineers consult the customers, improve and refactor the existing apps, test the app performance, and optimize the c++ formed solution.

Our support consists of different services such as consulting of customers about the projects, analysis of the business ideas, explanation of the project development, and peculiarities.

Our non-disclosure agreement with customers allow them participate in the development process, correct the requirements and make remarks if something doesn't fit.

3. Why choose iwanta. Tech

Since 2012

Iwanta. Tech has been creating reliable, well-activated, and secured software for various operating systems.

Looking for an outsourcing c++ company? You can trust the creation of your project to our Iwanta. Tech expert team. Due to great practice and expertise, we are ready to deal with all your requirements.

The communication skills of our Iwanta. Tech and the friendly cooperation with our clients help to get success in the project development.

Our Iwanta. Tech company suggests the clients sign the non-disclosure agreement and, in this connection, the privacy is 100% guaranteed.

The outsourcing service provided by Iwanta. Tech will save your costs. Our price is cheaper than different outsourcing suggestions.

All intellectual property rights of created software and product are 100 ownership of the customer.

Referring to the location where the client is, it is possible to solve all rising questions agreed with the clients’ schedule.

3.1. Great expertise

Iwanta. Tech has experience in various kinds of apps and programming that is why we know how c++ helps you succeed in your business and find appropriate solutions for rising issues. This coding language is open, clear and has a high level of reliability, is able to test products thoroughly, and raise the quality.

The client has the right to test the developer before the project will be in development. Then the customer and the developer may discuss all the necessary details and sign the non-disclosure agreement.

3.2. Dedicated c++developers

Every developer of our company is checked to perform their work correctly, ontime and with great inspiration. We guarantee the quality of work and the reliability of our Iwanta. Team member.

There is a list of requirements which every our c++ developer should have

  • Specialized education (bachelor's degree)
  • C++ certificate
  • 2-5 years of experience
  • Knowledge of c++ features,specifications, and peculiarities

3.3. Complete task on schedul

Having Iwanta.Tech as your c++ development group gives you a real opportunity to observe and participate with the experts to perform the full creation phase of your software or app creation. Our c++ support is guaranteed 24/7. The ontime delivery of the high quality product is our primary priority. If something is wrong or the delivery is delayed, we find out the reasons for the delay, and correct any mistake as soon as possible.

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1. How can you develop using c++?

At the beginning of the project, our team analyzes the project and discusses all requirements with customers. Then goes the stage of development where c++ is used to create the needed product. Our c++ experts try to perform the task on   time and deliver you the high-quality project.

If the customer wants to write the code by themselves under our control, we may suggest to follow the instructions of our tutorials or just hire the developer who can handle this process with the customer.

2. What are the benefits of using c++?

The benefits of using c++ are the following:

  • Easy programming language
  • Widespread
  • Of general purpose
  • Object-oriented
  • Functional
  • Flexible

3. How do I ensure the quality of the project?

The responsible developers or our company as the whole can present you the ordered product and demonstrate the quality of the project in practice while using it and observing all features.

4. How can I access the ongoing process?

The client may have constant access to the ongoing process of project development and share their requirements, wishes and observations.

5. What is a maintenance period?

The maintenance period is the period between the project accomplishment date and the maintenance period accomplishment date. The maintenance period often lasts two or three months. It depends on the beforehand agreement with the clients.

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