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1. Why JavaScript development

Almost 5 years the company Iwanta.Tech has been developing JavaScript projects covering front-end, backend, mobile, and web solutions. Our competence in JavaScript, application and software creation, innovative hi-techs, and frameworks are high. If you take our company as your partner in JS development project, you will access to the fantastic world of JavaScript, its capabilities to build something effective, productive, and useful. We have also practice in modern front-end technologies and the use of JS libraries, elements for cross platforms apps. Our team is capable of giving cheap but high-quality solutions for the most using questions about apps, servers, web, and mobile apps.

1.1 Frontend

For making original active-working apps with a good frontend, we use modern JavaScript frameworks. They are reliable, good-working, effective and useful for both sides.

1.2. Backend

JavaScript programming language has many paradigms, is operative and occasion-driven. The initial goal is to work on the client-side. Now the tendency changes and the backend software creation is possible.

2. JS development services

Our group of masters is glad to suggest customers such services of js development

  • Front-end UI (creation of unique, client-friendly, and dynamic app)
  • Backend
  • Android App
  • Desktop app
  • Business
  • CMS

If the client has an interesting idea or concept but doesn’t realize how to get it? Our experts would be ready to help them choose the appropriate technology and provide useful tips to make the project successful.

Our company assures the customers that there are no delays between the data collection and data analysis during the integration stage.

2.1. Mobile app development

JavaScript is a code set of signs that performs many functions. JavasScript is taken for app creation. The most popular frameworks, in this case, are PhoneGap, and Sencha. Our company provides js app development, which includes building cross-platform apps, i. e. Html5 +js.

JS server apps

JavaScript is used to form network apps. It is a part of Node.js development. These apps are based on the server-side. JavaScript and its functions tranform the apps into the more ascendable ones.

JavaScript Integration Services

Thanks to our experience, our developers make many implemented systems. Our support may constantly provide a solution how to improve the functionality of the products we developed for you

2.2. Javascript web development

JS is often used programming language

JS is applied to add some productive and functional core components and make additional functions for the sites. they are the following:

  • picture galleries,
  • Reaction to the button pushing
  • Editing images
  • Game,
  • 2d and 3d graphics,
  • Part and full-scale applications.
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2.3. Game development

Our company is ready to make games by applying Javascript, modern and reliable schemes, appropriate prototypes, and tools for game design.


What can you develop using JavaScript?

Modern frameworks as Angular, Node, react, and VUE are often applied and have a good benefit in the ability to change the structure by adding the hand-written code. JavaScript structures are flexible and convenient for website app design.

Our competence in JavaScript implementation provides such work for our subscribers:

  • Basic and complete web product development
  • The quick and interactive webpages
  • Client-friendly interface
  • A set of various visual details
  • Analysis and work with graphics
  • Quick speed of loading on websites
  • A good set of JS libraries
  • High-quality performance
  • Easiness in management of the developed product
  • Constant support

We may offer our assistance in creating such products as

  • Javascript apps
  • Js e-commerce software
  • Mobile web apps
  • App support and control

What JavaScript technologies are you proficient at?

Technologies our JS company deals with

  • JSON
  • AngularJS
  • PhoneGap
  • Titanium
  • JQuery
  • JS
  • JS

Our firm advise our JavaScript development services for any sphere and enterprise. Our team develops 1st class web, mobile applications adding innovative technologies. Our professional workers may share their kniwledge in making primary fixes and using JavaScript and checking the program assurance of the deal.

Vue.JS Development

Our organization Iwanta.Tech develops and proposes the solution with any kind of complexity for your project, applying Vue. JS framework

React. JS Development

Our Iwanta. Tech makes the formation of apps and its constant support in React. Js. This service is good for different types of business.

Angular Development

Iwanta. Tech uses the best development prototypes and practices to make high-quality error fixes.

Node. JS Development

Our masters form different kind of apps and projects any kind of complexity and apply NodeJS that will be productive for business deals.

Is Javascript used for mobile application development?

Yes, it is. The JavaScript is used for mobile app development. Our company Iwanta.Tech is an expert to develop JS mobile and web versions of apps and 24/7 project support and a full set of outsourcing js All sites we made provide a high-quality experience using mobile devices.

The above-suggested information may help you understand what our JavaScript development company may create for you.

What are the benefits of using Javascript?

Advantages of applying JavaScript

  • JavaScript syntax is simple to learn and to use. There are constant alternatives of the code which work correctly for the project.
  • The programming language is not complex to implement. It may be combined with all modern hi-techs and used in different apps.
  • Interface with complete functionality. JavaScript is perfect for the extension of product functionality for the developed outcome. Such characteristics as sliders, categories, and drag-and-drop components help to arrange and improve the customer experience.

JavaScript drawbacks are the following:

  • the visibility of the code
  • the recognition of code by different browsers.

How can I access the ongoing progress?

The client of our Iwanta. Tech may access the ongoing progress anytime.

Why Javascript Development

Iwanta.Tech offers JS development service for over 5 years. Due to our firm of high-qualified developers, we may assist you produce any product and startups quickly.

Our development working process covers the testing period to persuade that the developed code is effective and active. Our goal is to complete the tasks and also to assure the developed product is good and reliable.

Our developers are tested before the beginning of working with clients. High-quality code and app safety are our goals to satisfy our customers’ needs.

Our team has already developed dozens of custom web apps by applying cutting-edge hi-tech and tools.

Iwanta. Tech has some projects which the company sponsor. Their goal is to support different kinds of businesses and get experience by finding new solutions.

What makes our company Iwanta.Tech be first as JS development Partner?

Thorough analysis

A deep analysis of every deal we get to realize what to expect, errors, challenges, and customer requirements and needs.

Original design

Since the user pays their attention to the design first, we apply to catch themes and website and app models and follow the modern technologies and trends.

High level of productivity and Performance

The product we develop has the best productivity and the customer side part is simple and easy to implement.


We concentrate on building mobile JavaScript apps that have the same user experience on all possible mobile devices.


The security issues about the customers’ websites or apps are our responsibility and we try to do our best.

From the beginning till the end we provide the full cycle of JS development.

You can hire a team or just one developer everywhere and at any time.

Our company availability for clients is 24/7. You can connect with us by Skype, phone, and email. Only on-time delivery is preferred. Is

Experience js developers

If you need an outsourcing js development company for your projects, we are ready to recommend you our services. With the received practice, our masters may satisfy all customers’ requirements and needs.

Communication and control

When you work with our outsourcing company Iwanta.Tech the communication and control of the projects is done according to your requirements. We have some business analysts who are responsible for communication, account language knowledge, and adequate partnership.

Legal background

Our partnership always begins with a non-disclosure agreement and discussion of the basic tasks of the project. Confidentiality is guaranteed.

Cost system

Our prices for suggested services are reasonable, but they are a part of confidential information. The price is discussed by private meetings. Our company is located in Ukraine, which is the best place to find good experts for your JavaScript projects.

Intellectual property.

100 % of developed intellectual property by our company belongs to the customers.

Time management

The work schedule orientates the customers and may be changed according to needs. We try to communicate and solve the problems during the daytime, counting the customers’ time zones.

Do you want to make your app more functional and catch the clients’ eyes on your website?

You want to have a modern, innovative and effective mobile application?

Give us a call to get a more customized JavaScript solution for your business idea.

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