Java Development Services

Java services contain the creation of dynamic apps, web engineering, in-built system fixes that may cooperate with all Java platforms.

Our Java development company already achieved more than 5 years of practice in multiple code languages creation, also comprising Java, JavaScript. Our squad of engineers is ready to suggest effective and well-designed solutions applying the most reliable hi-techs and engineering prototypes.

Java products, assistance which our development company gives subscribers, are games, content control systems, mobile apps, image analysis software, market management/control systems, and web solutions.

Our IWanta.Tech outsourcing services are the following

  • Java SaaS (the rational strategy to reduce the money spending, satisfy IT demands)
  • Java PaaS (the way to keep the costs and to improve the quality of work,to get market success.)
  • Java Mobile
  • Java Web app (full set of tasks including structure, environment, implementation, control, service, and support)
  • Java app (the solutions about connection, safety, performance on all operating systems)
  • Java Server software (frontend, backend, test)

Web application Development

As a Java development company IWanta.Tech, our team is aware of the fact that Java differs from other hi-techs for its adaptability. The software designed by our company is guaranteed to perform its functions on all devices and open on all possible portals. The front-end and back-end are always supported and controlled. If the client is ready to have success – we get success.

Mobile development

Our company IWanta.Tech develops mobile apps, covering platforms, games, advertising instruments, social systems, and multimedia instruments.

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Application development

Java hi-tech is on the top when customers need to create a web app from the beginning and we are sure what way to perform it effectively. Our IWanta. Tech groups of experts may provide the support of a complete period of development. The client has the full guidance of the process by our expert minds.

Integration services

IWanta.Tech suggests appropriate tools and methods increase the productivity of the projects and meet international standards. Our implementation services include the technological transformation of business projects.

  • Access to current-time info
  • High performance
  • SaaS CRM integration
  • Gmail integration
  • Exact Target integration
  • Network integration
  • Security integration
  • United communication services

Java maintenance and Support

Our Java development company’s goal is to produce a high-standard performed system of support and satisfaction of clients’ needs. Our products are applied in more than 100 countries in different spheres such as:

  • Medicine
  • Hi-tech
  • Finance and Banking
  • Trade
  • Internet of Things
  • Data Processing
  • Gaming
  • Advertising
  • Traveling
  • Business

At the beginning of the mute work, we recommend the customers 1-2 chosen masters for customers’ ideas. During 2-3 months, our company may gather a particular group of professionals. Our approach to Java development is based on the long-term strategic relationship. We motivate a client-based attitude by teaching Java experts to handle the problems of clients’ projects in advance.

Why is our java development company a good colleague for your project decisions?

  • Over 5 years in Java development
  • Immediate beginning of the working process
  • Quick modeling
  • Applying of IMAAT
  • Practice in data and picture processing, libraries, IoT, ML, blockchain.

Our experts create the next products well:

  • Clear Java code and precise testing
  • Changeable app design
  • Service-oriented architecture
  • The wide community of professional developers
  • Guaranteed quick and stable distribution (basic releases are performed monthly, updates are done app. 4-5 times a day)
  • Flexible schedule and economical way of planning and creation.
  • Focus on high quality in every phase of java development
  • Joint Identity/ joint connection
  • Automatization of testing and arrangement
  • The Java app development in the cloud.

Customers may count on our outsourcing Java development company for all their software demands. Our qualification and experience with Java allow us to perform the right fix the client needs every time.

Open, polite, and effective communication with clients is our priority. Our team’s language skills are surely high. The business suggests the customers the handling of an account without any additional costs.

Speaking about confidential info, it will be shared only with the client’s permission to do it. Our agreements protect simultaneously the rights of both sides clients and the company itself in any unexpected circumstance.

Hiring outsourcing developers is the key to save your firm money. While working with our company the customers may keep 30 % of your savings.

All intellectual rights, software, and designed results created by our company belong to our customers .

If the clients demand outsourcing programmers, our company provides the high-qualified staff and support 24/7 and from any location. The hours of creation are discussed beforehand and according to the customers’ timezone.

Forming a potentially working group of experts with different levels of knowledge and practice, we share the clients the complete set of Java fixes that covers

  • Economical strategy and sequence of actions
  • Formed database
  • Client interface combined with a sale and purchase agreement.
  • Admin interface
  • Data processing with analytics and ML software solutions
  • Current-time converting software
  • Integration of mobile apps

Hi-tech stack

  • CMS (OpenCMS, LogicalDOC, Liferay, Pulse)
  • GUI (Sound API, Java2D, Java 3D)
  • Containers (Tomcat, Glassfish, WebLogic)
  • Frameworks(Spring,Hibernate,Tapestry,Grails)

Pros and cons of java development

Pros of Java are the following:

  • The object-orientated coding
  • Good command od language and light structure to learn
  • Effective for enterprise systems
  • Java features may create protection from security flaws.
  • Independent platform
  • Control memory automatically
  • Quick app to install

Cons of Java:

  • Not free for use
  • Not quick performance
  • Not support the graphic user interface
  • Wordy code

Java is one of the basic coding systems, which our company works with for such advantages:

  • High level of mixed functionality

The Java-based programs may be performed in different systems with installed JVM.

  • Universalism

This programming language is free and easy to use, object-based, and supports functions of multi-flowing and interconnection with multimedia and the web.

  • Compatibility

Java versions may be interchangeable.

  • Stability

This programming language is reliable and mature. Many developers have more experience with it than with new programming languages.


Why IWanta.Tech: Innovation, Flexibility, Efficient instruments

Proper Technology

If a company or project ask for customized Java development, our IWanta.Tech software development services may handle the problem of any kind. Our group of professional experts deals with any kind of Java base and offers the most productive and practical solutions to strengthen the company standards.

Innovation. Our company IWanta.Tech applies Java to create high-quality innovative products and compete with different masters. We assist our clients in any deal.

Flexibility. As we have already said, the clients are welcomed to engage in every step of project development, including creation, design, deadlines, and requirements.

Efficient Tools. Proper Technology. Our experts know how to use Java for a more successful result. Our Java developers give the clients a high-performance Java product (app or software). After we realize the tech. stack, we transform the customer’s concept into a real product by using appropriate tools and techs.


What can you develop using Java?

Our java development company IWanta.Tech offers the creation of Java apps, games, software with stable design, high-quality code, and a set of tests.

What java technologies are you proficient at?

Technologies our java development team IWanta.Tech is proficient at:

  • Java bases (Java EE, Java SE, Java ME)
  • Security Frameworks (JAAS, Spring)
  • Java Programming Frameworks and Techs (Spring, enterprise Java Beans, Java Server Pages, Apache Struts, Apache Commons, Apache POI)
  • Persistence/ ORM Tools (JPA, Hibernate, iBatis)
  • Architecture Enterprise, Microservices
  • UI Frameworks (JQuery, Angular JS, React JS)
  • Databases (Microsoft SQL, Oracle, MySQL)
  • Tomcat
  • JBoss
  • EJB
  • JSP
  • JSF
  • Swing
  • Android
  • GWT
  • BDB JE
  • Velocity
  • Glassfish
  • Jasper Reports
  • Jbpm
  • Solr
  • Redis
  • OSGI

Is Java used for mobile application development?

Yes, the Java programming language is taken for the formation of mobile apps.

What are the benefits of using Java?

Java system works on every operating system including PC and mobile devices. Java code is easy to write and use for program creation. This hi-tech allows getting more useful experience and a mixture of operating systems during the working process. High cross-platform functionality, portability, multithreading, dynamics, intuitive set of APIs are the key benefits of applying Java in any project development.

How can I access the working period?

Clients can observe the whole progress of development and discuss all rising issues. We connect with the customers throughout the complete development procedure. All technical questions are discussed beforehand and with constant assistance.

The stages of Java creation are next: concept estimation, strategy, contract, architecture, creation, test, and formation of documentation, new function, and feature implementation, backups, and server control.

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