Dedicated team

Dedicated Team model of collaboration implies a team of software developers who work exclusively on your project. However, they are supervised by the outsourcing agency you have chosen for your project. An outsourcing company set up the workplace based on your requirements
Advantages of Dedicated Team
Disadvantages of Dedicated Team
Expensive for short-term projects
Team is dedicated exclusively to your project
Limited budget
Fast start of the project
Always think about backlog to provide the team with tasks
Ability to manage the team directly
Cultural miscommunication
No recruitment and retention stress

When to Use Dedicated Team

Hiring efforts
You don’t want to waste time on employee hiring and establish in-house expertise that is costly.
Fast time to market
The project development roadmap is time-sensitive and you need the project to be scaled on time.
Lack of technical in-house expertise
Your project needs continuous updates and improvements.
Lack of talents
You need to hire highly skilled professional to complement the in-house team

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