Dedicated team

Dedicated Team model of collaboration implies a team of software developers who work exclusively on your project. However, they are supervised by the outsourcing agency you have chosen for your project. An outsourcing company set up the workplace based on your requirements
Advantages of Dedicated Team
Disadvantages of Dedicated Team
Expensive for short-term projects
Team is dedicated exclusively to your project
Limited budget
Fast start of the project
Always think about backlog to provide the team with tasks
Ability to manage the team directly
Cultural miscommunication
No recruitment and retention stress

When to Use Dedicated Team

Hiring efforts
You don’t want to waste time on employee hiring and establish in-house expertise that is costly.
Fast time to market
The project development roadmap is time-sensitive and you need the project to be scaled on time.
Lack of technical in-house expertise
Your project needs continuous updates and improvements.
Lack of talents
You need to hire highly skilled professional to complement the in-house team

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Dedicated Team Of Software Development

Having a business with an outsourcing software development team gives you leverage in modern times. That way, you save money, time, and effort. This, in turn, leads to performance improvement. Compared to having a crew that focuses on one project, partnering with a company that provides outsourcing opens you gates of broad possibilities. You will get a unit specializing in that domain for each unique project. Trust is a basis for a business, and we offer that as an outsourcing company. We gained that confidence by delivering high-quality projects on time. Our highly skilled staff members let that happen. Your needs in assignments will be the top priority. You will find our team as people dedicated to their work.

Contrary to traditional work, if you collaborate with an outsourcing company, you will have a crew with diversified skills that can cover all the aspects of your project.

Merits of Outsourcing Software Development Team

  • Save on office leasing;
  • Save on hardware and software;
  • Hiring devs costs cheaper (if hiring an American software developer requires the payment of $35 per hour minimum, by outsourcing from some European countries, you can change that number to as low as $15 per hour. Less than half.);
  • Access to diverse app development skills;
  • High level of optimization;
  • Access to tools that you need only once or twice that you would have to buy otherwise;
  • Delegation of your tasks among professional staff;
  • Pitch your development to market on time and even earlier than expected;
  • Avoiding the process of hiring a team.
  • Dedicated Solutions Outsourcing

    Ever wonder how the process works for dedicated solutions outsourcing? Here is the summary.

    A group of developers is devoted to your task according to the requirements you impose. The partnership has some steps.

    • The beginning stage. Here, you discuss the details and requirements of your project with the project manager from the enterprise. The client is in control while choosing the software development team. While assessing the project, you both will specify the number of dev needed, set deadlines for each stage of the project, bargain the price, and other potential aspects of the work. If both sides reach an agreement, then there is the next stage.
    • Team building. Whenever both sides sign a contract, it is time to assign staff members to the project. Since outsourcing businesses own a pool of app developers, the project team manager chooses suitable candidates to accomplish the task. In some cases, even the client might be involved in the hiring process, provided that they want it.
    • The next stage is developing the application. Per contract requirement, devs start working on their part. HR may have regular meetings with the service team to monitor the process. This may even help to improve the motivation of the employees.
    • One last stage is approval or feedback from the client. The work files are fully delivered if the work meets all the requirements, and the customer is happy. Otherwise, the client may give feedback on the areas that need improvement per contract. Since development team services need enormous time to compile everything, if the customer needs something extra, which is not covered by the agreement, the client may need to create another contract with the project manager.

    Last Words

    While gathering various talents in one specific job requires enormous time and money, you can easily do that by outsourcing a development unit. You are going to save on multiple aspects of the application development while not lowering the quality.
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