Dedicated team

Dedicated Team model of collaboration implies a team of software developers who work exclusively on your project. However, they are supervised by the outsourcing agency you have chosen for your project. An outsourcing company set up the workplace based on your requirements
Advantages of Dedicated Team
Disadvantages of Dedicated Team
Expensive for short-term projects
Team is dedicated exclusively to your project
Limited budget
Fast start of the project
Always think about backlog to provide the team with tasks
Ability to manage the team directly
Cultural miscommunication
No recruitment and retention stress

When to Use Dedicated Team

Hiring efforts
You don’t want to waste time on employee hiring and establish in-house expertise that is costly.
Fast time to market
The project development roadmap is time-sensitive and you need the project to be scaled on time.
Lack of technical in-house expertise
Your project needs continuous updates and improvements.
Lack of talents
You need to hire highly skilled professional to complement the in-house team

Dedicated team: exclusive high-quality solutions inexpensively

Hiring dedicated teams is a popular practice nowadays. But what it actually means? A dedicated development team is a crew of professionals who work on your project exclusively. These people are supervised by an outsourcing agency you have selected. If you are still hesitating about whether to choose such a squad or not, we are here to tell you more about it.


Such a decision as choosing dedicated team services has lots of advantages. Let’s take a look.

The prices may differ, but the fact is that the rate of dedicated teams is much lower (compared to in-house rates). So, you pay less but get more. As a rule, the cost is 10-20% lower. The market is full of offers, so you may find even cheaper services. But we recommend making a choice based not only on the price: you want to get a high-quality product, isn’t it?

It may be a really complicated task to find experienced professionals. Those interested in hiring dedicated teams look for talents and exceptional skills, and such people prefer working in squads. That’s why choosing a dedicated software development team means choosing top professionals and excellent quality.

If you have decided to choose a dedicated crew for your project, you will be surprised by how close you may become. People say it is like team building: all participants are united by the same goal and are working together to reach it. You tell specialists what you want – and they start working on it. You can make the adjustments whenever you consider necessary.

Such close cooperation ensures excellent results and a final product that meets your expectations completely.

Managing a dedicated team is really easy: you can communicate with them daily, so you will be aware of all stages of your project. 

Another important advantage is that a client can manage and control every process. Moreover, a client can reconfigure the squad whenever necessary.

Members of a dedicated IT team must not only do the technical part: their task is also to understand your ideology and your business needs. Such squads have it in their blood: they perfectly understand your needs and mission and do what you expect.

Dedicated team

Problems that can be solved by hiring such a team

When should I make such a choice?

If you are about to launch a startup, such a crew is guaranteed to make things better! You will get a team that is ready for work instead of long searches. Thus, you will get the final product quickly.
Big projects
Hiring a dedicated team is also a sound choice if your task is long-term. Professional developers will support you throughout the project and may even show you new directions. Having such a squad, you can be sure they will stay with you no matter what. Many world-famous companies prefer to opt for dedicated teams. Those include Apple, WhatsApp, Amazon, and more.
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Indistinct requirements
If you don't have a complete idea about what the final product must look like, a dedicated team is a sound choice. They will help you with all the minor but still important things at the discovery stage.
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Team set-up process


First of all, the client is asked to explain his goals in detail. A person must describe the project to be done, requirements concerning the squad size, and more. The more detailed the discussion is – the better the final result.

Team assembling

If our professionals are unoccupied, the work can be started immediately. All of our specialists are talents that put a part of their soul into every project. We guarantee the team will satisfy you. If your project is urgent, we can offer you talented developers from our partners. All in all, be sure that your needs will be satisfied. We can make a talent selection if you are looking for candidates within our company.

Talent selection

We do our best to choose the most talented specialist for you. We analyze everything: education, skills, experience, and English level (there are developers from different parts of the world). After this, the best candidates can go to an interview with you.

Team integration

We have years of experience, so we know how to integrate the crew into your work process more easily. We usually recommend meeting a team in person to get acquainted. But nowadays, choosing remote workers without any meetings is highly popular, so this step depends on your preferences.
Dedicated team


All in all, hiring a dedicated team is a perfect option if you want to get top results. These professionals are under your control, and the entire work process can be monitored, ensuring the best final result.


It is a kind of cooperation between a client and people doing their job for him. The distinctive feature is that the entire team works on only one project at a time. The probability that team members will switch to other projects is excluded. Professionals concentrate on satisfying your needs, which ensures brilliant results.

The tasks set to teams of this type may be different, depending on your needs. For example, the team may be engaged in developing designs, code writing, testing, maintenance, and more. You can choose specialists to suit your specific needs, which is a huge plus.

As we have already mentioned, the price of services of this type is lower compared to in-house services. For instance, an average dedicated team rate is $35 per hour, while in-house services of the same type cost about $70.

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