1. C# Development

Since 2012 Iwanta. Tech creates complicated back-ends, business, and set-up apps applying C# and .NET platform. The Iwanta. Tech experts are professionals able to perform the complete phase of the client  product from the primary examination to provide support and management.

In our creation period, we use modern methods, app testing, and long-term integration to get the high quality of the accomplished product, to write reliable code, and have a high speed and fixed deadlines.

C# the coding language is a powerful instrument for developing improved backends, different kinds of apps, websites, and games. We are ready to help you with any project of any complexity.

Here Iwanta. Tech we get experience and prepare specialized C# solutions, containing:

  • Mobile app development
  • Content maintenance systems

Just let us know whether you have a project we can help you with.

Our C# development services are presented in the special list below:

  • SaaS software
  • PaaS software
  • Mobile app
  • Web app
  • DESKTOP software
  • Server-side software

SaaS software. The software effectively works for many  organizations and finds the most productive offers to save money and raise performance. C# language is practical and easy to form the powerful backends and our c# professional colleagues are ready to solve any problem or produce a high-quality product.

PaaS software. Customer co-creation is the right direction to create something reliable, useful, and required no changes. The collaboration of developers and customers stimulates the working process and promotion of the product on the market.

Desktop software development.

C# is one of the most used coding languages for desktop software development. Iwanta. Tech experts will assist your idea to achieve success and satisfy all your business needs

Server-side software development.

Our company masters know how to build high-load server- side apps applying C# and try them for good.

Our achievements in development you can observe in our portfolio on the main page of the website.

Technologies our company deals with

  • SQL server
  • .NET
  • Microsoft AZUR

2. What Is Work With Experienced C# Developers Like

The work with our company's experienced C# developers help you to understand the scheme of cooperation with all IT companies. We suggest our support during the full stage of c# project development.

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2.1 App Development

The team that is entrusted with building an app or game development should organize all details thoroughly as it is a complex and time-requiring procedure. The stages of app development are next:

The determination of technical specifications

  • UI or UX model
  • Design idea
  • Software development
  • Test
  • Delivery

In the beginning it is important to find what the needs the app meets and what the main tasks it should have. The next step is to formulate a graphic map of interaction while creating the app. It shows what way the client will use the app. The significant step is also to find a design concept. Software development needs full concentration + professional competence and the practice of responsible experts. This stage is required when some errors and bugs are detected. The delivery period lasts not so long but for the customers, there is time to get results.

The advantages of C# App development

  • Easy structure
  • Fast load
  • The convenient location of interface components
  • Offline work
  • Integration

2.2 Game Development

C# is applied to build games using the Unity game engine. The C# code is a very productive instrument to set this kind of apps.

2.3 Mobile Development

Mobile phones and tablet apps are always required for any  business sphere nowadays. For everyone, it is a good approach to add the appropriate functionality, share the received experience and find your place in the competition.

C # is also applied for cross-platform mobile app development. It helps not to lose more costs than expected.

A mobile app is a new way of connecting with customers and a requirement for today. If your project or business doesn't have a mobile app - the clients find another platform to use.

Your business competitors are ready to know that soon smartphones have power all over the world. And they prepare for this. So go pace with new technologies and necessities. We present to you our services.

2.4 Web Development

Modern companies always have both kinds of apps: mobile versions or websites for the business. Our  Iwanta. tech C# a web development group of developers with many-year experience wants to handle your project and find a clear and quick solution for your problem.

3. Reasons To Choose Iwanta.tech For C# Development

Development company iwanta.tech suggests the implementation of innovative hi-tech in your projects. The mobile app is a productive approach and investment in future business.

It provides the automation of business site functions and settings. Iwanta. Tech is ready to offer you helpful software solutions.

3.1 Proficient Developers

If you want someone professional takes care of your C# product, our company Iwanta. Tech and its team will be glad to cooperate with you.

3.2 Personal Approach

We suggest top-notch C# services based on your financial possibilities, technical needs, and time deadline. As your C# reliable partner, we offer high-speed products to build new solutions to raise your business.

3.3 Unique Methodology

Connection and control

We organize the communication most conveniently for customers. The separate team of Iwanta. Tech deals with planning, updates, and creation ideas. Our English level is advanced.


We begin our relationship by signing a non-disclosure agreement. We guarantee non-competition and complete confidentiality. All Data about the product and clients is strictly secret and confidential.

Cost privilege

Our company offers the service 23% cheaper than companies in different popular places. Outsourcing in our country is the best choice.

Intellectual property rights

All intellectual property of C# products belongs to our customers.

Difference in timezones

We constantly change our working plan to make it appropriate for the clients, counting the location.

3.4 Rapid Delivery

Our Iwanta. Tech assures the client about rapid delivery of any project.

100% guarantee that your product will be on time and with high standards.

4.How To Start Working With Us

You can just contact us and tell us about your project.

The full information you can find on our website in Contacts.


What Can You Develop Using C#?

You can develop the c# software, mobile app, web app or game.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Using C#?

The pros of C# are the following:

  • The large audience of use

C# is one of the most usable, structured and widely-spread coding languages in the world.

  • Object-oriented language c# allows building modular and manageable apps and universal code.
  • Automation of garbage system. C# provides an effective system to detect and delete all redundant files and garbage in the app.
  • Memory management. C# presents a strong memory platform.
  • Simple-to-create. The c# class libraries provide many functions which are simple to set up. C# gives such specialized properties and indexers.
  • Cross-platform. The possibility to share our company cross-platform experience with your customers and give C# development services. This hi-tech allows the client to have Windows API function and access COM elements.
  • Best integration. Improved integration is guaranteed by effective code and constant programming support. with C# the client has a chance to get support from Microsoft in C#.

How Do I Ensure The Quality Of My Project?

The client may check the quality of the project at any time. You can ask our company team to show you the stage of progress and the project in detail.

How Can I Check The Progress?

You may contact the responsible for your project team or developer and get all the needed information.

What Is A Maintenance And Support Period?

A maintenance period of the project primarily relies on the level of load, the deadlines, the set of components, and functionality. The support works 24/7.

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