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1. NET Development solutions

For 5+ years, our squad suggests our partners with customized, clear, effective test-driven .NET solutions applying many sphere domains. Being a high-standard company, our developers make the right decision to choose either multitier or cloud-based or microservices.

Our group of experts integrates different systems.

Iwanta.Tech offers next .NET software development services as

  • Custom .NET app
  • .NET desktop
  • .NET web
  • .NET. mobile
  • .NET cloud
  • .NET cross-platform

Web app Development

Iwanta. Tech web development professionals create, improve, and deploy price-available. .NET fixes that are appropriate and correct according to business strategy and perspective. Our company covers different spheres of market.

.NET development proficiency

Our team is building .NET apps for different businesses, beginning from small companies to giant corporations. We prepare a complete phase .NET development services by using our proficiency in the preparation of high-standard, user-friendly apps for all platforms.

ERP solutions

Iwanta. Tech engineering group provides ERP solutions such as DMS, HR management, SCM, and others.

1.1 Desktop and web applications

Desktop apps are also built by  .NET for two operating systems: macOS and Windows.

Our practice lets us design profitable solutions for Microsoft Windows base and form customized desktop software error fixes for any kind of enterprise.

5+ .NET engineers

50+ performed works

5+ years of practice

7+. NET technologies

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1.2 Content management systems

The content management system is applied for supervision and exploitation of web content.

Our .NET development company Iwanta. Tech has the experience to deal with the CMS, which suggests the set of features for websites, and industry solutions. With CMS, subscribers or customers may build, edit, and cut content from websites. Ordinarily, CMS software supports the interface without any HTML features and hi-tech peculiarities. Our content managers and designers may perform changes without the developer's help. But the personalization in the website structure and site practice requires some manipulations of the programming expert.

1.3 DevOps

DevOps is the methods of the active interconnection of development specialists and information-technological service and mutual integration of both processes for delivery of high-standard products.

Iwanta. Tech actively applies the methodology of DevOps to provide high-quality performance and work results for our clients.

1.4 .NET project consulting

Our Iwanta. Tech developers also hold some .NET project consulting sessions. If you think about an idea and desire to make a good website, app, or software, you can contact us and we give the detailed analysis and perspectives of your business idea.

2. Challenges we solve

The challenges our development group solves are the following:

  • The business idea: reality or not.
  • The creation of apps
  • The development of websites
  • The errors in coding or systems, debugging
  • The integration of apps on different platforms
  • Environment for product development

3. Benefits of using .NET

  • NET is a free platform.
  • . NET created for app development
  • Best match with business SPHERE.
  • . NET platform consists of. NET framework,. NET Core, Xamarin,UWP Universal Windows Platform. Each of them is responsible for the development of a particular kind of app.

3.1 High efficiency

.NET hi-tech brings high efficiency in the development work with apps, software, and sites.

3.2 Flexibility

.NET framework is an easy, effective, info-rich, productive coding core that adds developers the flexibility to create functional and secure apps.

As for our flexibility, any change, any error, misunderstanding or rising issues may be solved within some minutes while communicating with our constant support or responsible developers.

3.3 Support

Our squad of professionals guarantees the regular assistance of our clients' projects and all stages of building.

Need a . NET development project?

We may contribute high-quality .NET development services that may turn your idea into a live project. Our proficiency AND reliable .NET platform deliver a cost-friendly effective product with good functionality. Here's why the customer should have our Iwanta. Tech as a partner:

  • Skilled developers
  • Reliable tools and platforms
  • High-level communication
  • Quality of the product guaranteed
  • Security
  • Knowledge of different coding languages
  • Productive management
  • Constant support


1.What are the .NET technologies?

.NET is an open-source Microsoft platform for developers whose main goal is to create different kinds of apps.

. NET platform offers the customers to apply any coding language, database, editor to form. .NET product which covers web, desktop, mobile, games, Internet of Things.

C#, F#, Visual Basic is applied for the creation of .NET apps.

C# is a code language which basic features are simplicity, object-orientation, and type-safe.

F# is a code language with the ability to work on different platforms,open-source, object orientation, and imperative coding.

Visual Basic is a simple syntax language for the development of object-oriented and type-safe products.

Visual Basic is an approachable language with a simple syntax for building type-safe, object-oriented apps.

It doesn't matter what code you implement for the app, it constantly is working on any operating system. .NET technology just helps to perform this task easily. These platforms are used for net implementation:

  • Linux
  • Windows
  • MacOS
  • Websites
  • Servers

.NET framework performs well with windows.

Xamarin and Mono are the net products that are served for adding of .NET technology for mobile OS.

.NET standard consists of a specialized set of APIs, which is similar to the .NET implementations.

Every implementation may be done only for specific API and operating systems.

To improve functionality, Microsoft creates a clean platform based on .NET standard.

App prototypes

One can form many kinds of apps with .NET. They may be two types: cross-platform or goal-oriented.


.NET proposes to build web apps and software for all platforms.


It is important to apply the primary database to create native apps for Windows, iOS, and Android.


.NET gives the possibility to create the microservices for docker.

Game Development

It is also a chance to develop multiple-dimensional games for the majority of modern platforms.


Some features such as vision algorithms, speech converting, predictive prototypes also can be implemented in your apps.


The client may use the cloud services or create personal cloud structures.


The IoT apps are supported by single-board computers.

A wide community of followers and good database.

.NET is an open-source and is based by .NET Foundation. The. NET Foundation is a specialized organization to develop the open creation and cooperation around the NET ecosystem.

Due to .NET is open-source, everyone can participate in the spreading and creating of .NET platform.

The instruments

The visual studio product company recommends the customers .NET development practice on such powerful platforms as macOS, Windows, Linux.

There are suggested a wide list of editors where one can use the .NET technology accompanied with.NET plugins for the particular editor. do I hire .NET developers?

You may contact our company Iwanta. Tech and we offer you the high-qualified developer or a group of them to work on your project.

3.Why choose .NET for the upcoming project?

  • . NET is unique.
  • Convenient
  • Easy to learn and apply
  • Modern
  • Constant support
  • Great community
  • Available on all platforms and devices.

4. What is the average cost of .NET development?

The average cost of .NET development varies according to the complexity of the project, the number of used technical tools, components, and technologies, and the work of the professional developers.

5. Do you provide consulting services?

Our company Iwanta. Tech provides consulting services for our clients. You can contact us and receive more information about it.

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