eCommerce store with digital capabilities

Client: US-based brick-and-mortar store
Size: 200+
Industry: Retail
Project Technology Stack: Symfony, PostgreSQL, ElasticSearch, Reactjs, React Native, RestfulAPI, Doctrine, Payments APIs, Mailing Services and Websockets.
Timeframe and Workload: Completed in 6 months, 6 software engineers
Business Challenge:

With the increased adoption of digital technologies and growing consumer expectations, brick-and-mortar stores have realized the need to evolve their physical spaces to a new world - a digital environment. In addition to that, the COVID-19 crisis has presented daunting challenges to in-person retail and significantly reshaped the landscape of American retail. With that in mind, retailers should incorporate innovative digital capabilities to respond to disruption and adopt the use of digital platforms in some form to implement their newly evolved business models. Only by reimagining their strategies can they better engage with shoppers and stay afloat. Looking to build a business digital presence, our client wanted us to develop and implement an online store to keep business going in hard times. Moreover, increasing retail sales and keeping business ahead of the game was a priority.

Solution and Approach:

The retail company wanted IWanta.Tech’s experts to make a transition to an online environment by developing and implementing an online platform. Applying a holistic approach and modern technologies, our team uncovered where potential issues might occur and offered appropriate solutions. This helped address prevailing in-store retail business challenges and enabled the launch of an eCommerce store that accelerated online sales, introduced a variety of delivery and pickup options, etc. In addition to that, our client’s new online environment not only improves reporting capability by delivering important real-time information but also superior customer experiences.  With access to accurate current and evolving sales data, the company can now perform advanced and more sophisticated analyses of trends in data to make more informed and rapid business decisions.

Business Result:
  • Launched eCommerce store allowed a client to drive better customer engagement and increase loyalty.
  • With accurate current and history sales data, a company can gain the insights it needs to satisfy customers and boost sales.
  • eСommerce store saw a 45% increase in volume while net revenue increased by $20.3 million.
  • The developed solution improved employees' productivity by 67% and reduced operational costs by 45%.

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