Audit assessment solution

Client: US-based retail company
Size: 500+
Industry: Retail
Project Technology Stack: Symphony, React Native, Reactjs, Doctrine, PostgreSQL, AWS, MongoDB, RestfulAPI, Payments APIs, Google Maps API, Websockets.
Timeframe and Workload: Completed in 12 months, 6 software engineers
Business Challenge:

Auditing your store is a crucial action in retail. Not only does it help you optimize performance across your business, but you can also make sure that products are being featured properly as well as your partners are in full compliance with a brand, merchandising, pricing and product display standards. Unfortunately, delayed audit starts, issues in regulatory requirements, outdated methods of capturing information are some of the challenges the client faced. With that in mind, the client sought a solution that would meet regulatory requirements across 13 countries and provide a digital solution with mobile and offline capabilities. Not only did it prevent auditors from manually capturing data, but they would also enter it into a system with a simple click and share it with decision-makers in real time. Only by using a solution to work offline on mobile devices could auditors make the audit process faster, more efficient and more accurate.

Solution and Approach:

When working with the client, the IWanta.Tech team conducted a series of interviews to identify how a future software solution would help the client solve the error-prone and pen-and-paper audit processes. To address the challenges above, IWanta.Tech team created and implemented an audit assessment platform as well as mobile applications that allowed auditors to work online as well as offline. In addition to that, it included well-defined business processes to better manage evidence across retail business. Not only did it help staff to instantly log product data using mobile devices, tablets or laptops, but this data was kept securely and was available solely to authorized parties. Moreover, customized reports provided clear insights in real time to be reviewed by decision-makers, corrected on the spot and make informed retail decisions.

Business Result:
  • The audit management platform saved 15,000 hours in auditor time annually
  • The average time per audit has been reduced to 2.5 hours from 6 hours.
  • The decision-making process has been increased up to 93%.
  • Thanks to the digital audit assessment platform,  human errors have been dramatically reduced.

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