Banking application – mobile

Client: US-based international bank
Size: 200+
Industry: Banking
Project Technology Stack: Kotlin, Swift, Reactjs, RestfulAPI, ElasticSearch, Twilio, Payments APIs, Google Maps API, Websockets.
Timeframe and Workload: Completed in 12 months, 10 software engineers
Business Challenge:

In today’s digital world, consumers expect around-the-clock access to banking services and  perform transaction procedures on the go. When dealing with their accounts digitally, consumers see no more closures on bank holidays, tiresome queues, or inscrutable statements. Not only does it help banks save on operational costs and go paperless, but it can also help to enhance the customer base and improve brand recognition. With that in mind, a leading US-based international bank wants to expand its mobile payment capabilities and provide unparalleled convenience, speed, and accessibility to consumers. Our client was looking for an IT company that would create and implement a user-friendly and advanced banking application helping customers better manage finances through simple and intuitive interactions. Moreover, banking app’s data privacy and security have hit the top of the client’s requirements.

Solution and Approach:

Working closely with the bank, IWanta.Tech team created a secure, regulated and optimized payment infrastructure and launched the next-generation of mobile banking solution. In addition to that, our experts implemented a scalable architecture and business logic that allowed aggregating data and securely uploading it to mobile and online channels. Not only did it allow to provide a quick and easy transaction experience, but the client could keep the data of their customers safe. Moreover, we integrated analytics and reporting tools into business process management to be in the know about business performance. Thanks to the banking app launched, not only could consumers pay bills, send or receive payments with a simple click, but they could also get a broad view of their credit scores.

Business Result:
  • Banking application was ranked the third among the U.S. mobile apps in the banking sector
  • We helped to increase the banking customer base from 35% to 70%
  • Currently, there are 3.8 million active users, in the banking application and 1.5 million logins per day on mobile channels
  • The banking solution provides a 360-degree view of online and mobile customers and allows business leaders to make data-driven decisions to retain customer loyalty and ensure future success.

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