Blockchain-based solution

Client: Commodity trading firm
Size: 150+ employees
Industry: Fintech
Project Technology Stack: JavaScript, Python, Geth, Remix IDE, Mist, GanacheCLI, Solium, EtherScripter, Blockchain Testnet
Timeframe and Workload: Completed in 9 months, 8 software engineers
Business Challenge:

Global commodity trading firms are faced with major challenges related to the retrieval, analysis and production of data. Many of them still use traditional, paper-based and manually intensive methods to track records. Moreover, a commodities exchange has to be managed across various authorities that will increase the risk of frauds, boost security vulnerabilities,  extend the time for verification and suffer sad loss in terms of delayed payment methods. Applying ineffective and paper-based methods, miscommunication will lead to operational complexity in the commodity trading firm. With that in mind, our client wanted us to create and implement a software solution powered by blockchain and designed specifically to make financing processes optimized, speed up digitized transactions, better manage a portfolio of commodities and reduce fraud.

Solution and Approach:

Understanding the client’s business needs and requirements, our team of specialists started to work on the blockchain project. Using a dynamic and comprehensive approach, we managed to develop a blockchain-based post-trade processing platform for commodities. Not only does it provide secure transfers, but it also uses a distributed ledger technology to tackle fraud challenges and make trade digitized.

In addition to that, the team made blockchain-powered KYC utilities viable. Only by creating a single tamper-proof KYC record through mutualization of the effort of carrying out KYC data can it demonstrate the AML (Anti-Money Laundering) regulatory compliance. Not only does this provide trust and make data secure within the blockchain platform, but it also provides efficiency in KYC processes.

Business Result:
  • A platform powered by blockchain technology allows a commodity trading firm to more closely manage their risk exposures and mitigate price risk.
  • Thanks to the implemented solution, streamlined operations led to an estimated 25-35% cash flow increase across the whole commodity trading organization.
  • All the data is stored in a centralized place and can be shared directly between transacting participants with transparency-based timestamps. This makes sure that data is secure, doesn’t involve intermediaries and cannot be misplaced/manipulated.
  • The platform cuts operational costs by 25-55%.

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