Crypto exchange platform

Client: US-based company
Size: 100+
Industry: Finance
Project Technology Stack: Swift, Kotlin, Node.js, CoinMarketCap, NewsFeed API, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Websockets.
Timeframe and Workload: Completed in 6 months, 8 software engineers
Business Challenge:

A sudden increase in the cryptocurrency landscape produces a significant effect on trading practices as well as wallets globally. Being an alternative solution to credit cards and cash, cryptocurrency takes the digital world by storm. Moreover, a great number of companies are readily accepting payments via cryptocurrency as well as more investors are looking for ample opportunity to invest in digital assets like Bitcoins, Litecoins, Cardano, etc. With that in mind, our client requested us to create a crypto exchange platform as cryptocurrency investing gains popularity. However, as cryptocurrency has become a home for many hackers and hacks constantly grab media headlines, the platform should be secure and safe -  there will be reliable encryption algorithms used throughout the crypto exchange platform.

Solution and Approach:

When working on the project, IWanta.Tech’s team conducted extensive research to discover more information about the crypto market. While safety and security were a client’s priority, we had to take into account the requirements and recommendations of Fintech regulation including both regulatory compliance and security standards. To make user accounts secure, the development team applied two-factor authentication, secure libraries and frameworks, manual administrator confirmation ( if transactions are large), etc. Backed with key features such as dealing desk, risk management, pricing and matching engines, charting, crypto exchange gateways, the platform met not only the client’s functional requirements but also the extensive fintech regulatory and compliance requirements. Thanks to our in-house developed crypto exchange platform, the client started to drive revenue and meet with success.

Business Result:
  • With the implemented crypto platform, the user base has reached 100.000 users in a month.
  • Provides secure and sophisticated algorithms to make data protected.
  • It is highly scalable (up to 80000 users per day) and easy to use.
  • 3X return on investment after implementation

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