Fitness app

Client: UK-based company
Size: 150+
Industry: Healthcare
Project Technology Stack: Swift, Kotlin, Alamofire, OkHttp 3, Node.js, Express, MySQL, SwaggerAPI, Amazon SES, Amazon SNS, Google Maps API, PaymentAPI, Websockets.
Timeframe and Workload: Completed in 6 months, 6 software engineers
Business Challenge:

The COVID-19 outbreaks, work from home and social isolation have forced a lot of people to look for healthcare solutions. Moreover, restrictions on a wide range of activities have spurred the need for mental and physical well-being. As a lot of software solutions including online medical consultation, sleep monitoring and meditation courses are available on the market, the client wanted to deliver a technology-backed fitness tracking application to help users set up fitness objectives and stay healthy and motivated. Only by using a fitness app in such circumstances could users monitor their personal training activities, check their progress and share results with others to keep on the motivation. Having that in mind, the client was looking for a technology solution provider that could help build a robust fitness app solution to drive future revenues.

Solution and Approach:

When working with the client, the IWanta.Tech team applied a holistic approach to identify the client’s wants and needs. Only by conducting thorough research could we understand the users’ pain points as well as their goals. Based on that information, we could create user personas and user flows, suggest essential features and functionality for the future fitness solution. In six months, the IWanta.Tech team developed and launched a fitness app. The app enables users to set up objectives,  broadcast their workouts, monitor their diet. Moreover, users can connect the fitness app to as many trackers as possible, plan their routes and track their current location. Once the app went live, IWanta.Tech’s software engineers gathered real users’ feedback to add more features and make improvements to the existing ones.

Business Result:
  • With the implemented fitness app solution, the user base has been increased to 70%.
  • Currently, there are 7.8 million active users in the fitness application and 1.2 million logins per day.
  • Increase in new user installs up to 89%.
  • The fitness app solution has a very positive response from the users.

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