Fleet management platform

Client: US-based leading freight company
Size: 300+
Industry: Logistics
Project Technology Stack: Symphony, Reactjs, React Native, AWS, Doctrine, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, RestfulAPI, Payments APIs, Google Maps API, Websockets.
Timeframe and Workload: Completed in 12 months, 6 software engineers
Business Challenge:

Managing a fleet and a huge number of drivers across several states or even different countries has a range of unique challenges. Our client needed a solution that would modernize their business processes, improve fleet uptime and reduce costly “deadhead” miles driven with empty loads, delays in determining the routes, assets 'disappearing', etc. In addition to that, our client needed to ensure safety in areas with low internet connectivity by displaying routes and location-specific information and get insights into fuel consumption. Moreover, the client sought a solution that would help him track the vehicles’ location, check whether the drivers were staying on their routes and remaining productive. Such a solution would significantly simplify the fleet management process, eliminate the possibility of human mistakes and help reach the company’s goals faster.

Solution and Approach:

Only by replacing on-premise infrastructure with scalable, cloud-based infrastructure could the IWanta.Tech team create a modern cloud fleet management platform and establish a secure connection to the cloud for interaction between vehicles. Moreover, the team integrated smart business processes with automated decision systems to provide high information visibility on assets and easily monitor how the fleet is performing overall. With advanced analytics and reporting, the staff could aggregate a great number of KPI dashboards and different metrics  with a few clicks. Not only did it simplify the process of analyzing and sharing data with  stakeholders or business owners, but it also added more clarity and visibility to each of the operations and automated workflows. Source: https://archer-soft.com/blog/8-benefits-fleet-management-automation.

Business Result:
  • The fleet management platform allowed to reduce cost up to 79% by monitoring driver behaviors.
  • Properly implemented fleet management solution helped our client to improve safety and fuel efficiency up to 65%.
  • Through automation, we helped the client improve operational efficiency to 80% and reduce maintenance costs by 32%.
  • Staff productivity has been increased up to 89% in terms of automation.

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