Learning management system

Client: US-based real estate leading company
Size: 200+
Industry: eLearning
Project Technology Stack: Angular, Symphony, Doctrine, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, RestfulAPI, Social Media APIs, Websockets, Ionic.
Timeframe and Workload: Completed in 12 months, 10 software engineers
Business Challenge:

As the global pandemic has disrupted the lives of many people, business owners and employees have to navigate new challenges. Moreover, developing and mastering new skills and knowledge in a remote environment comes with its specific set of challenges, including fostering engagement and motivation among employees, communicating learning and training information effectively across technologies, technical issues, etc.  

With that in mind, our client has been forced to adopt a remote training model to meet the needs of both today and tomorrow. Only by finding immediate solutions can our client ensure business continuity through eLearning technology in a pandemic-induced social distancing environment. That’s why the client was looking for a custom eLearning solution - a learning management system that would deliver high-quality online training to their workforce. In addition to that, each employee could set goals as well as managers could manage and measure ongoing staff performance and track progress.

Solution and Approach:

By working closely with the client, the IWanta.Tech team carried out in-depth research to detail specific needs and compare LMS features. In addition to that, the team walked the client through the process of defining differentiated digital experiences and identifying tools for administrators, users and the company’s L&D experts. Based on that information, we developed an engaging, easy to use and available anywhere, anytime learning management system,  including mobile applications, for employees and the L&D team to remotely provide training taking into account the personal goals of employees. employ planning, manage virtual test days and complete post-test processes, all digitally. Not only does it help the company tackle daily tasks, like goal tracking and evaluations, but it also can be integrated with other tools and scale from 200 users to thousands to meet the complex needs of the growing business.

Business Result:
  • Developed eLearning solution provides personalized training experience and 3X increased engagement.
  • It is highly scalable (up to 1000 users) and easy to use.
  • Staff performance has been increased up to 96%.
  • A high-profit training model with sophisticated reporting functionality to C-level executives.

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