Pharmacy delivery solution – mobile

Client: A chain of US-based pharmacy store
Size: 150+
Industry: Healthcare
Project Technology Stack: Kotlin, Swift, Reactjs, RestfulAPI, Doctrine, Google Maps API, Payments APIs, Websockets
Timeframe and Workload: Completed in 12 months, 6 software engineers
Business Challenge:

In the light of the Covid-19 outbreak and global lockdowns, vital medicines and healthcare materials have become in high demand. People don’t want to go to the drug store to purchase medicines and want to receive their medicines at home. There is no doubt that home delivery for pharmaceutical products is getting more convenient for patients. With that in mind, our client asked us to deliver a solution that will help to optimize pharmaceutical operations and automate standardized workflows. In addition to that, he wanted us to turn such challenges as difficulty in verifying the authenticity of prescriptions, supply chain visibility, inaccurate order allocation, lack of coordination he faced into opportunities. Only by transforming pharma delivery and providing online medicine purchases can we help our client keep his business going in hard times.

Solution and Approach:

Having interviewed our client, the IWanta.Tech team managed to define what business processes the client wanted to solve with the pharma delivery solution. Based on that information, our team suggested a business model, technology roadmap and key features and functionality to be developed. As the client looked for a solution that could help him keep his business afloat during Covid-19 and store all the medical records in digital forms, a pharma delivery app was a way out. Thanks to this solution, he can manage to increase staff productivity and boost visibility. The user-friendly UI makes it easy and efficient for customers to search for different types of medicine, drive instant payments and get delivery at their doorstep. This boosts the delivery experience for all parties – patients, staff, and drivers and keeps users satisfied. What’s more, advanced reports allow our client to get an in-depth insight into how the business runs and evaluate strategies efficiently.

Business Result:
  • A pharma delivery app increased customer engagement by 64%.
  • Focusing on the first business model, we managed to build brand awareness for our client and expand business from offline to online.
  • With the pharma delivery app, the pharma business went 100% paperless.
  • A mobile solution enables a client to make data-driven decisions while increasing staff productivity up to 97%.

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