VR-powered marketplace

Client: UK-based leading retail company
Size: 350+
Industry: Retail
Project Technology Stack: Unity, Payments APIs.
Timeframe and Workload: Completed in 12 months, 8 software engineers
Business Challenge:

Having to fight harder than ever for customers was a real challenge for our client in today’s competitive business landscape. Having that in mind, our client was looking for a solution that would help expand the business, increase sales, and drive more users by delivering a convenient and enticing shopping experience. With that in mind, opting for a virtual reality marketplace as a transformational tool that can provide a compelling and engaging experience for the customers was a way out. Only by immersing consumers into a fully interactive VR marketplace can you extend your online presence and attract more customers. Moreover, it allows you to speed up consumers’ buying decisions by enabling them to try out products virtually - from driving a car to wearing a dress. To overcome mentioned challenges it is high time to explore VR technology.

Solution and Approach:

To work on the project, the IWanta.Tech team analyzed the existing online and in-store experience of the client business. Only by conducting in-depth research could the IWanta.Tech team identify how the customers are currently interacting with the client’s brand. Based on that information, the team suggested ways on how VR can make those interactions better. The core idea is to provide consumers with an immersive shopping experience - by putting on a headset at home and immediately landing in a virtual shop. Armed with VR technology, the team created a VR-powered shopping experience by displaying unlimited numbers and sizes of products. Not only did it help our client thrive in the new era of online retail, but he could also increase sales and in-store conversions.

Business Result:
  • £175 million increase in sales.
  • VR marketplace provides customers with a seamless service experience.
  • With sophisticated algorithms, the decision-making process of consumers has been identified with ease.
  • 3X higher conversion for personalized shopping experiences.

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