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IWanta.Tech offers innovative solutions using advanced technologies. Our outsourcing art studio helps companies transform your business-processes and discover their values that will be of interest to clients. We innovate to meet complex challenges and unlock potential.

Outsourcing art games is one of the most popular cost-cutting methods we use in our work. This allows us to create next-generation games and, despite the growing competition in the outsourcing industry, we are one step ahead of the competition.

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Our outsourcing cooperation model

IWanta.Tech delegates the development functions to the development team from outside. We are recruiting professionals for specific tasks. This will not only reduce costs but also keep them under control. Also, in this way, we will accelerate the time to market the product.

So, in this way, we offer a model of cooperation with a dedicated team with the necessary skill set that is needed for your project. We will help to integrate the team into the process of software development of any level and degree of complexity. The assembled team will be focused solely on your project.

Our cooperation model will allow you to hire professional engineers for specific tasks. The team will work closely under your control until the end of the project on a remote basis. Staff programmers are responsible for remote team management, low-level tasks, and process performance.
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Our practical experience

IWanta.Tech is a leading game art outsourcing studio, and our practical skills and years of experience in game development will help you solve business problems. Our company provides a full range of services to develop full-cycle games from scratch.

Our team will help you reach a new level of efficiency, performance, and success. Our fresh perspective allows us to implement the most complex projects with unlimited possibilities.

Why do customers choose game art outsourcing services at Iwanta.Tech? is primarily a powerful and flexible game development service. We create exclusive high-performance video game projects. Our solutions allow you to immerse yourself in the proposed technologies.

But why exactly us?

– We provide specialists in specific industries.

– We create quality products at affordable prices.

– We develop unrealistic systems on modern engines.

– A leading team of artists, programmers, and designers are at your disposal.

– We assemble a team of specialists who are able to adapt to any style of work.

You can stop looking for game art outsourcing companies, is open to cooperation and ready to help you realize your project.

How we are working?

The work of our art outsourcing company is to maintain a precise sequence in order to achieve the necessary goals. Thus, the creation of a product consists of several stages, namely:

1. Project modeling. At this stage, product prototypes are formed using the capabilities of the engine.

2. Product Transfer Services. With a finished product, the team is ready to migrate the project to the proposed game bases using an efficient game porting solution.

3. Software development. A team of specialists uses cutting-edge technologies and tools that allow you to create exciting solutions.

4. Quality control/testing. The finished product undergoes testing to find bugs.

We provide a full range of game development services but the team will not be able to make a project that meets your expectations without clearly articulated goals. So that our cooperation takes place, and you can fully benefit, assess your needs. This is one of the strategies that will help in the development of an IT solution for you.

What do we offer?

You get a simple and profitable way to realize the idea. This is the minimum cost in terms of time and money. Here are 4 reasons why outsourcing art games are worth your attention:

No. 1. Everything is under your control. We will keep you up to date with the process and give you the opportunity to control the process 24/7. And we will take care of everything for you – from setting development deadlines to distributing tasks between the team.

No. 2. We guarantee understanding. We select specialists who have been involved in game development for more than a day and have the necessary skills for your project. These are specialists who understand what the end result should be.

No. 3. Deadline. With an outsourcing team, there is more chance that the project will be delivered on time. We guarantee efficient planning and we try to meet the requirements. We also have resources to expand the team.

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