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What is Java Web Development?

The web development is the creation of the web app on the server where the such code as Java is used. The servers may be 2 types: real machine and virtual (includes software that separates the server on a group of small machines).

The local computer may become a server, but it’s inconvenient for the customers if they want to connect with it 24 hours a day and 7 days per week. The web app may act also on the cloud instead of performing it on the specialized server. The cloud is a reliable platform to work with the web app and provides enough support and memory.

Java web apps are usually working directly on the server-side. Their precise location is a web container. The container gives the particular environment for Java web apps. The web container for java apps is a part of a Java virtual machine.

Java uses only two types of containers: the web container or Java EE. The containers are responsible for the execution of Java servlets and special functionality. In this connection, Java web frameworks consist of servlets. The majority of web frameworks apply web containers. Java web app is based on the following components:

  • Servlets
  • Java server pages
  • Java classes
  • Jars
  • HTML pages

Java web application is often used as Web Archive file. This file contains the full version content of web applications. The basic java technologies are determined by the Java community process (JCP). Servlet is a Java class or category which answers HTTP request in the web container. Java server pages consist of Java classes and HTML. Java server pages standard tag library is expressed for the web as a basic functionality with tags.

The complete cycle of java web development is easy to deal with. It only requires the strict following of the tutorial instructions with some corrections about the customers. The goal of web development, in general, to create a web app that can be accessible for computers, work on them, connect with others via network or server sides. In the backend, developers use Java technologies that are not shown for the customers.

The backend with Java becomes the systemic functionality for websites. Java is mostly used for backend server apps. Java is applied for web development because of its platform’s independence, high security, and possession of mixture APIs.

Java web technologies

The common java technologies applied for web development are the following:

  • Java servlet API (definition of HTML classes and extension of server capabilities)
  • Java naming and directory interface (naming, directory functionality)
  • Java server pages technology (creation of web content)
  • Java server standard tag library (encapsulation of core functionality and use of a single standard set of tags)
  • Java faces technology (UI framework for generating web apps)
  • Java message service API (a tool for solving enterprise computer troubles)
  • Java mail (sending of email notifications)

If the web app is more complicated and full of features the next techs are used:

  • Java Authentication and Authorization service
  • Java Architecture/API for XML blinding, registries
  • Java Transaction

For start-ups

For start-ups, there is a great chance to develop their projects using Java and have a good partner as our Java web development company Iwanta.Tech. Our team may suggest to the customers the high-quality service while developing the projects and guarantee them complete support during every stage of development. All java features, functionalities, and technologies help companies to find their way and get success and popularity.

For business

Our company may also offer the services for business companies and suggest a long-term corporation. Every java web technology is created to improve the working process of any enterprise.

The benefits of java in web development

The benefits of java in web development are presented in the below list:

  • Java is a client-side programming language.
  • Java is stable in the market.
  • High level of cross-platform compatibility
  • Java is faster than other programming languages to write code for business web applications. the enterprise mobile web apps are ready to keep the load from a large number of users.
  • Java uses the sets of threads to control and manipulate the process fast and efficiently.
  • Java is a modular platform. It has free and paid versions of licenses.
  • Java is unable to work with multiple systems, including web services, databases, and backend.
  • Java provides good tool support.
  • Java frameworks are simple to apply and install. Providing detailed
  • Java is the widespread code language. The developer may find a lot of useful info about Java and cases where it is applied.
  • Java is done according to the WORA approach.
  • The developers may create mobile web projects for enterprises and implement them without any errors
  • Having a good security reputation
  • Simple tools for editing, debug and building
  • The high-quality debugging system
  • Easy to understand the syntax
  • The price is high but the quality of the process is better
  • Open-source language
  • Having a garbage collector

Why Choose company is a reliable partner that provides high-quality java web development services. Our team deals with the development of Java mobile apps and websites.


We have experience with such java hi-tech as

  • Java Servlet API
  • Java Naming and Directory interface
  • Java Faces Technology
  • Java Server Pages Technology
  • Java Server Standard Tag Library
  • Java Message Service API
  • Java Mail
  • Java Architecture

When speaking about web services, there are some specialized tools to make the development of any product easier. They are called frameworks and contain a set of libraries and packages. these programs also reduce code repetition, detection of errors, and speed improvements.

The list of java schemes is the following:

  • Spring
  • Hibernate
  • Grails
  • ATG
  • Play

Java web development may assist to create web products with different levels and features. Make a website is not an easy and simple affair. The building of websites requires the knowledge of HTML, CSS, and IDE.

Stability, security, and activity are the next characteristics which the developer deals with when the initial stage of web development begins.

Innovative Product

Our company guarantees the customers to get a good and effective product, possessing innovative technologies and capabilities. The feedbacks of our previous and current customers may persuade future clients that we are ready to overcome any problem and are a reliable partner to work with.

Competitive pricing

The prices for the product are discussed beforehand or during the working process including the possible corrections. The price is fixed according to the contract which is agreed by both sides clients and our company.

Individual Approach

Every project requires an individual approach. Our team has a good plan how to organize the working process and create special conditions for every project.

Hire Your Java Web Development Team

Iwanta.Tech company is ready to provide you a highly qualified team for your project. java web development will have some stages, during which the team and the customers discuss and solve current problems and make corrections in the project.
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