Mobile APP Development Outsourcing

In the world of digitalization and the latest technologies, you can’t do without companies to which you can delegate some tasks. These are app development outsourcing companies, which take over some of the tasks and processes by agreement of both parties.

IWanta.Tech offers mobile app development outsourcing and outsource web application development. With 4 years of experience, we can boast of a large professional team, and the use of more than 30 cool technologies to solve your problems. Our company has more than 65 in-house engineers.


We create user-friendly browsers and mobile Internet applications for the interaction of employees, partners, and your customers or buyers. We are always on the path of development and self-improvement. Using effective methods and innovative approaches, we always raise our product to a new level. The best advertising for us is the feedback of satisfied customers.

mobile app development outsourcing

App Development Outsourcing

Outsourcing company IWanta.Tech is governed by the following rules:

1. Immerse yourself completely in the project and establish the right relationship.

2. Online face-to-face communication allows you to activate work on both sides and improve products and, consequently, the result.

3. The established budget is adhered to in all possible ways to avoid unnecessary expenses.

4. Development of effective software solutions, which includes not only quality but also economic benefits.

5. The combination of experience, talent, and active work allows us to offer a quality product.

6. Attention to detail and support throughout the journey allows you to complete the project and get excellent results.

We offer professional mobile and web app development in the following areas: fintech, manufacturing, real estate, retail, eCommerce, transportation, and entertainment industries. You can choose the model of execution, depending on your request and needs.


With the outsourcing model, the task is given to the developers who implement your project with the best results and at the lowest cost. With this collaboration, you can entrust the company with the project from start to finish. The company will fully control the implementation of the project. The advantages of such cooperation are full control of cooperation and provision of all necessary equipment. The disadvantages are higher hourly rates and possible communication problems.

You can choose a collaboration model for which a hired development team will work with you, according to your project. The team will work for you and will be under the control of the selected outsourcing company. This will allow us to be fully focused on your project. But this type of cooperation is not profitable for short-term projects.
Also, we have an outstaffing model of cooperation, according our professional software engineers will work with you. They will work remotely under your guidance, bringing the project to full completion. With cooperating on this model, we offer such services as the development and implementation of web and mobile applications, and the creation of various designs for the user interface. The advantages of outsourcing are complete control over development, and cost savings.
Our company offers the development of web and mobile applications using various technologies that are fashionable to choose for each project.

Vue technology is used to effectively develop interfaces and one-page web applications. This technology is open and accessible and can be suitable for any project. Our experts can very quickly set up and optimize all development processes.

mobile app development

We also offer technology that creates sophisticated, business applications. This is the C# platform. This is one of the most widely used coding languages for the development of various types of programs. Using modern methods and testing applications makes it possible to get a high-quality product and write reliable code. In our company you can develop an application of any complexity. UE is a universal platform for developing various multi-dimensional games, videos, and simulations. Our developers will develop unique high-quality games with sophisticated functionality, according to your budget. Our professional solutions will help you to improve your business and take it to the next level. We have gained a lot of experience in developing of Java and Javascript. Also, we have been practicing the creation of several code languages for 5 years. Java products include game development, management systems, software, mobile applications, and other web solutions.


If you are looking for a quality service and a professional approach, then you are on the right way. Our experience helps to find an approach to each project, develop a plan and implement it fully and completely. Our company provides a wide range of services and implements various technologies in its development. All to provide you with quality services and keep our company’s face in the labor market.

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