Outsourcing Game Development

Currently, games have begun to take a more significant place in a person’s life, they help to distract and immerse themselves in their world, with their emotions, impressions, music, etc. It is not surprising that games have begun to receive more attention in the industry world and many companies are focusing on them.

Is the gaming important to the world?

Every year industry is gaining momentum, which brings profit, for example, last year the income was about $ 120 billion, this industry is in great demand.


    There are several gaming platforms at the moment:
  • – Personal computers (Windows, Mac/OS X).
  • – Consoles (Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo).
  • – Mobile devices (iOS, Android, Windows).
  • – VR, AR.

There is a demand – there are offers, a lot of games are being developed and released now, to satisfy the always hungry consumers and to bring them into the world, specialists of different categories take part: programmers, designers, art-workers, QA specialists, etc. Оutsourcing companies for game development find many profitable offers and solutions.

What is game development outsourcing?

Ever since beginning of the appearance of the game, which has gained popularity now thanks to outsourcing development, they have not lost their unique stability, their recognizable design.

Companies, developers, because the world does not stand still and the preferences of players tend to change, often face changes, shortcomings, and new technologies that they must take into account when producing games and delight the consumer with a quality product.

Game outsourcing model of cooperation helps companies find each other for cooperation and complete everything on time and with high quality. This is a profitable partnership. Game development is an expensive undertaking, but it is thanks to outsourcing that it remains accessible to many.

Game development outsourcing projects speed up processes and thus bring them closer to release. Companies perform the entire scope of work and retain control over the entire process. Due to the fact that many companies are now turning to outsourcing services, this direction is gaining momentum, new ideas, technologies and specialists are emerging.

When should you outsource development?

As the gaming market grows with new products, new solutions should also appear to help your company. Outsourcing is worth introducing into your workflows, if you have systematized functions and «to-do lists»; it will only speed up and improves your work. It will help you if there is a need to improve the key business processes in which it excels.

Outsourcing game development

What are the privileges of outsourcing development?

Companies that want to reach a new level of evolution go outsource development. Game development and outsourcing go hand in hand. IWanta.Tech empowers companies with development and plans. We are a company that has been specializing in providing premium quality services to the gaming industry for the past 4 years and have a lot of experience and a professional group of workers for projects.


1. Saving money and time. Working on gamedev is an expensive process, but with outsourcing development, you spend much less money. By choosing a partner, you save time. Budget under control. Additional, unplanned expenses are also reduced; there is no need to spend extra on the purchase of software, equipment, etc.


2. Release. No one wants employees who suffered from burnout and ended up with a game release that didn’t go according to plan. The project is usually divided into several stages, which go alternately and complement each other; the development of the stages depends on the final product itself, timing, and precedency. A partner who meets deadlines is very important. Also, the company is hired to work exclusively with your project, which means it will not be distracted by other projects.


3. Increased workload. Managing a large volume of processes is a huge plus for outsourcing. You find teams that are ready to perform a routine, but no less important task for the project.


4. Skills and experience. To create something, you need certain skills. When developing, you need to trust the plan to the teams, because they can help answer narrow areas of the project, they trust each other, they have communication and knowledge.


5. Quick search. If your headquarters does not have the necessary specialists, then they can be found under the outsourcing program.


6. The percentage of risks is reduced. During the workflow, your risks are reduced as key employees follow the schedule, focus on prototyping, and know flexible solutions to issues.


7. Warranty. Our company guarantees high-quality results in time and magnification of success and growth.


8. Painstaking. You have the opportunity to create a single team of talented workers (designers, artists, programmers) who are confident in what they do. Employees know their strengths and weaknesses, so everyone takes on a job in which he is confident; this makes it possible to complete the work more efficiently.


9. Full commitment to the cause. Employees have deep knowledge and pay attention to the needs of the players, but also adhere to the assigned tasks of the partner.


10. No training needed. When working with our outsourcing company, it is not necessary to train the team in the basic principles of work, the use of equipment and technical support, usually the specialists who do this are ideally “sharpened” for work.


11. Reputation. Among many, we produce a quality product, so a positive reputation can influence the growth in your plan for the future and the perception of your brand and work.


Game development marketing outsourcing is rapidly developing and its demand in the gaming market is growing, this helps to make this more progressive and technological. Many large brands resort to help outsourcing and do not regret this choice and you can take a step towards success. Let’s work together.

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