eCommerce platform

Client: US-based retail company
Size: 200+
Industry: Retail
Project Technology Stack: Swift, Kotlin, AWS, Marketplaces APIs, PaymentAPI, Shipping providers APIs, RestfulAPI, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, ReactJS, Websockets.
Timeframe and Workload: Completed in 7 months, 6 software engineers
Business Challenge:

In today’s highly competitive business environment, more and more customers utilize online shopping. In addition to that, the coronavirus pandemic has forced customers to move online. With shopping habits changing, it’s clear that retailers should start concentrating their efforts online to survive in business. Moreover, consumers shopping online are expected to use a variety of devices to interact with brands’ digital content, services and experiences. With that in mind, the leading player in the retail and consumer goods sector sought to develop and implement an eCommerce platform to diversify online presence and harness sales. Having a strong business infrastructure, the client wanted to unify a variety of data sources and build an end-to-end strategy for efficient data processing. Not only does he need to integrate huge datasets, but he also wants the right analytics and visualization tools to be developed.

Solution and Approach:

At the very start, IWanta.Tech’s team interviewed the client to better understand project requirements and challenges that should be solved with an eCommerce solution. Only by conducting thorough research, the team provided the development process roadmap. Our team created a data architecture optimized for processing a variety of financial, operational, and sales data. With sophisticated analytics and visualization tools, the client, as well as his staff, could analyze, manage and visualize a variety of business data with a simple click. Moreover, developed tools allowed our client to gain a holistic view of the entire operations in the retail business. Not only did it help him identify areas of business opportunities, but it allowed him to make data-driven strategic decisions and keep up with changes in the retail landscape.

Business Result:
  • Created a single unified architecture through which staff gains access to various data from anywhere on any device.
  • 2 weeks faster report generation.
  • Decision-making process has been increased up to 97%.
  • 2.5X return on investment through automation of a variety of processes.

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