Unreal Engine Android Game Development

Our UE game creation studio has a great background in the formation of Android games. The team is enthusiastic about creating UE-based products and fully devoted to every deal to share with our clients’ exclusive visual practice.
Our UE game development services
Our competent team helps our customers generate engaging and entertaining levels and structures, as well as unique virtual reality solutions for regulating different important market targets.


  • – UE game creation
  • – VR/AR formation
  • – Product transfer to UE
  • – Unreal engine android development
Unreal Engine Android
Our UE firm suggests a complete UE Android game development service. The client should demonstrate their ideas, and we show them how smoothly their ideas transform into successful and effective products. Each project can be involved, so we realize that only customized solutions should be applied when creating games of various genres and sizes.
Our Unreal Engine masters can fill the customers’ projects with high-quality features such as VR/AR base implementation and user experience. The engineers of our company formulate flexible and precise solutions for different spheres.
If the distribution of the output to a wider audience is required, we are ready to help you with it. Our Iwanta. Tech company performs good work to arrange games according to the standards of the engine and help them to get success with our firm’s exclusive solutions.

Why you should apply UE for game development

Our team carefully determines the appropriate hi-tech to agree with project demands. UE is a powerful and effective system with advanced functionality and modern tools. Let’s find out why UE is a good choice for your ideas?


  • – Captivating graphics and visuals
  • – The available, complete, and impressive set of instruments
  • – Access to different bases
  • – Current-time editing, converting, coding


Our Unreal firm offers comfortable game architecture and exclusive graphics decisions enforced by UE. We have already performed a lot of UE-connected projects, where we could prove our competence and meet client requirements successfully.


  • – Project formation with the full functional solution
    Our experts are fully prepared to reveal the whole potential of the customer’s project. We can perform any task of your software development at any stage to deliver it as a successful product with a perspective on the market.


  • – High-quality visual content
    Firm specialists with great experience can deal with the game goal of any complexity, analyze the customers’ vision of the project and deliver ideal graphics content to perform the task well.


  • – Phenomenal connection with clients and performed deadline
Perfectly organized communication with the audience and timely performed deadline help our clients observe their projects at any time and receive the info about all stages of development. We concentrate on delivering UE android game development services to generate high-quality products which will surely be popular and effective for many years.

The masters you require for perfect UE android game development:

  • – developers (UE background, implementation of characters, game parts basics of game structure, porting of product to other platforms are crucial)


  • – designers (architecture skills, gameplay, use of genres and themes, features)


  • – creativity specialists (visual effects)


  • – artists (the creation of characters, cars, backgrounds, things, accessories


  • – the knowledge of multidimensional art styles, from fast sketches to ready-to-use products)


  • – team leaders (management abilities, implementation of full functionality)


  • – deal director (problem-solving skills, support during all stages of development, control of project history, arrangement of product reports)

Our unreal game development is divided into 3 phases: the initial part of creation, development and production.


Initial part covers the determination of the work scope, the idea of the project, a detailed description of the main game features, setting up a game logic, and the finished prototype.


The development stage includes the choice of OS, code scripting, UE features, UI/UX design, testing.The production stage concentrates on the testing period, user experience, bugs, errors elimination, and finally the release.


With UE we can form both Android and IOS bases at the same time. The app is only required to have some changes for porting to different platforms. It is convenient and promising. This base provides the best optimization for different games, including android ones.


There are some features that we include in UE android software/app/game development to create the successful high-quality products:


  • – Customer-friendly interface
  • – Simple start page
  • – Quick performance speed
  • – Adding of social networks instruments
  • – Strong developer&customer bond
  • – Multiple language support

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