Inventory solution – mobile

Client: US-based retail company
Size: 250+
Industry: Retail
Project Technology Stack: Symfony, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Reactjs, RestfulAPI, Doctrine, Google Maps API, Payments APIs, Websockets.
Timeframe and Workload: Completed in 12 months, 9 software engineers
Business Challenge:

In today’s marketplace, retail companies operate with a variety of channels and sell across multiple platforms. Moreover, many of them have difficulties when keeping track of what they’ve sold through multiple channels (Shopify, eBay, Amazon, etc.), how much inventory they have left, when to restock, etc. In addition to that, they face the task of simultaneously pinpointing and addressing all the operational inefficiencies that arise during day-to-day operations –– overselling, outstocking, misplaced or lost inventory,  etc. Only by staying on top of the inventory and managing it efficiently can companies meet consumer’s growing expectations and drive more sales. Looking to respond to market changes, our client wanted us to create and deliver an inventory solution that would help them get real-time updates and insights to achieve efficiency in their businesses.

Solution and Approach:

When working on the project, our team conducted thorough research to better understand business processes, user roles and their actions. As our client sought a scalable and flexible solution that could help handle inventory such as processing orders, inventory storage, inventory usage, and so on, our team developed and implemented a mobile inventory management solution equipped with a host of functions to help you avoid overstocking or overselling, provide an at-a-glance view on the full range of inventory-related operations, barcode-reading tool, etc. Not only does the client's new mobile inventory solution forecast and get reminders for when item quantities fall below a certain level, but it also helps automatically replenish certain items when they run low. Only by having real-time inventory updates could our client dramatically reduce delays and inconsistencies in orders and shipping and make data-driven decisions for your business.

Business Result:
  • A mobile inventory solution allows a retail company to better understand the availability of their goods and organize accurate planning to prevent over or understocking.
  • Thanks to the implemented solution, the order-to-cash time has been reduced that led to an estimated 45% cash flow increase.
  • Our team integrated a mobile inventory solution with an existing content management system (CMS) that helped to automatically update the inventory status for each of the goods.
  • The client can track and monitor the store’s expenses and profit margins with advanced dashboards and reports and make quick adjustments on the go.
  • The mobile inventory solution reduced operational costs by 60%.

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