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Game Development with Java

Java is surely applied by game developers to create a new product-game. Game is a good instrument to make fun of, that’s why its structure, design, any button, and the whole process should be thoroughly considered and performed. In this connection, the game should be written in one appropriate of the code languages, among them there is Java. Java is a widely spread coding language, which differs from others and possesses simplicity and easiness to use. One may explain that Java is full of open-source material collections and possesses a convenient set of characteristics and advantages.

2d game development

The two-dimensional game is a game with flag graphics, which has only two axes of motion. The majority of 2d games possess a linear structure. The character has a restricted way of motion and actions. The camera in 2d games is straight in front of the character. The general effect of the 2d game is parallax scrolling.

Our team Iwanta.Tech is ready to help the customers to create a game in 2d. Our experts guarantee the full phase of game development, covering concept analysis, task management, coding, game design, using flat graphics and game engine, market analysis, debugging, the addition of new features, a publication of the game app, and so on. Every our 2d game is simple to control, has the best price for its development, and provides easy instructions to follow.

The 2d games our Iwanta. Tech firm is an expert of are the following:

  • Platformers
  • Fighting
  • Puzzle

3d development

3d game is a game with a full range of movement in 3 dimensions (x, y, z). All objects have height, length, and depth. Their structure is complex. The camera moves independently from the game characters. In 3d games, one may find complex animations. The characters of 3d game react to the environment they are located in. The effects of light and sound are the same as in real life.

We have expertise in 3d games development. The full phase of 3d game development contains the creation of 3d games with a realistic immersive experience, high-quality graphics, and good versatility. Every product is done by reliable and checked platforms, game engines, tools, and suggested innovative technologies. The general task of 3d games is to find the way out, to investigate the place, to solve the puzzles, and go through challenges.

The kind of 3d games our company deals with

  • First-person shooters
  • Jack and slash
  • Racing

Our approach to Java games development

Our approach to Java game building is based on our experience to deal with java coding, creation of games, use of modern technologies, use of innovative components for development including game engines.

Our way of Java game development includes the use of

  • Java syntax
  • OPP principles
  • Collection frameworks
  • Java Collections interface
  • Java operations with Streams
  • Java Multithreading
  • Java Exception
  • Android devices (creating an Android app – Java game)
  • LibGDX (cross-platform games)
  • Git or GitHub
  • Java Development Kit
  • Our company Java game development tutorials
  • Experience with previous projects
  • GameTutorial for 2d Java games development

Reasons for using Java for games development

Java is simple to implement, so any developer may find out how to generate a set of programs and put down an effective code, using different operating systems simultaneously. Java has an easier version of writing code, debugging, learning, and compilation. It should be noted; Java game development requires the developer’s understanding of the whole Java coding system. Java code is well structured and logical.

  • Java is fast and object-oriented
  • Perspectives to have support from game consoles in future
  • Direct access to UI and performance
  • Available for PC
  • Available on all Android devices
  • Class-based language
  • Widely spread
  • Best choice for mobile game development

Why choose Iwanta.Tech as Java games development company

Every client should know that Iwanta.Tech is a reliable partner to deal with. We have the 5th year of Java development experience. Our working process is fast and practical. The quick prototyping. Iwanta.Tech tests the product before the publication or release. The product design always corresponds to modern high standards and clients’ requirements. Our expertise in Java game development is huge and proved.

The confidential info may be shared only by client permission. Our agreement protects both sides of the Java game development projects.

Our company helps the customers determine their goals, what Java game they want to create. It can be

  • Free or paid
  • Current-time or self-paced
  • Online or offline

The basic peculiarities of the game may be discussed during the agreement meetings. Our Iwanta.Tech company is ready to analyze the project idea of the customers and suggest effective and useful solutions for it. The estimation of the project is discussed beforehand at the beginning of the project. The deadline of the project performance will be fixed and our company always guarantees the execution of the project on-time.

Our Iwanta.Tech team offers the client the developer or group of developers who are responsible for your project and its creation. Java game development prices are fixed. All intellectual rights on all products and software belong to clients. We provide constant support and on time service.

High proficiency

Iwanta.Tech is ready to make a high-quality consultation about any rising questions. We provide a complete cycle of Java game development. Clients may observe and participate in the working process of Java product creation.

The feedbacks of our precious and current clients may prove the quality of our company performance.

Our team

On the main page of our company Iwanta.Tech one may find the list of different level professional developers, who is ready to work and create a worthy product for you.

Our team consists of a group of high-qualified experts, who knows every aspect of Java games development, including their pros and cons.

Innovative development

Our java game development is supported by modern innovative technologies, methods, tricks, and ideas.

Personalized solutions

Our team is an expert in personalized solutions for every product Case. The experts deal directly with clients and try to figure out what exactly they should create to satisfy all customer’s needs.

Unique design

The game design is very specific and diligent work. That’s why our company discusses every detail of a game project.

There are 3 main aspects of the building of game design:

  • The setup, when the user starts the game before playing
  • The progress of the game and all features
  • The result of the game (end)

Our masters build 100% unique game design and avoid plagiarism.

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