A-Trust: Change in management

A-Trust: Change in management

The new management team of A-Trust, the company behind the mobile phone signature, is complete: Markus Vesely and Wilhelm Horak have taken up their agendas. […]

According to a statement, the mobile phone signature is now used by almost three million people in Austria and has become the central application both in e-government and in the private sector. The company is also responsible for its successor, ID Austria, the electronic proof of identity. other solutions are: the signature box, the e-vault and the qualified remote signature for Europe. According to its own information, A-Trust holds the market leadership in cash register certificates in Austria and founded a subsidiary in Germany just over a year ago to implement the German Cash Register Regulation.


More than 15 years ago, in March 2006, Michael Butz took over the management of A-Trust. Together with Erwin Fölhs at the helm, he was able to establish the company as a leading Austrian trust center both on the Austrian and on the European market of secure digital authentication. The two have passed on their know-how to Markus Vesely, who holds a doctorate in business administration, in a transitional phase and are now taking a well-deserved retirement.

Since July of this year, Vesely has been acting as the first managing Director of A-Trust. He is now doing everything he can to ensure that the successful company will continue to offer a highly secure digital infrastructure for the Austrian administration, economy and population in the future, but also strengthen its presence on the European market and expand its portfolio even further.

Wilhelm Horak, CEO A-Trust (c) A-Trust

His education and professional experience enable Markus Vesely in his new function to build a bridge between technology and business: “As an engineer and manager, I am convinced that responsible, people-oriented management and technological improvements have a positive impact on our society. With our A-Trust solutions and products, we want to help connect more people and make our everyday lives safer.“

Together with Wilhelm Horak, who has been taking over the financial and controlling issues as the second Managing Director since October 1 of this year, Vesely will do everything possible to lead the well-known company into an even more successful future and continue to ensure that Austria can rely on a highly secure and modern technical infrastructure.

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