Website, blog, social media – this is how lead generation works in B2B


The pandemic has made marketing more sales-oriented. Because the question suddenly arose: Where do the leads come from? Svenja Teichmann from Crowdmedia presented helpful inbound marketing measures at the Online B2B Conference. […]

No appointments, no trade fairs: Marketing has become more sales–oriented – especially due to the pandemic. In her presentation at the Online B2B Conference in Munich, Svenja Teichmann, Managing Director of the digital agency Crowdmedia, examined measures, channels and stakeholder management for inbound and content marketing in more detail.

Lead generation via your own website, the business blog and with the help of SEO is becoming more and more the focus. In inbound marketing and content marketing, however, B2B marketing is also about relevant content that offers users real added value.

The goal: the independence of paid media. Many channels now also offer the possibility to place lead generation ads, via which the leads are collected directly in the channel. The design options would be limited, but the low effort for initialization often outweighs this. In general, however, the following applies: with content for leads – more a marathon than a sprint.

“The focus must always be on the user”

“We distinguish between advertising and content campaigns. Content campaigns have an effect in the funnel above all through topic leadership,“ says Teichmann. In B2B, you always have to think about what the target group needs. Companies would often focus too quickly only on the product, but this would not even reach many possible interesting ones.

“The focus must always be on the user. Topic channeling, working with keywords and defining a buyer persona are enormously important here.“

The fact is: The most used content formats in Germany differ depending on the industry. While social media posts are especially popular in the B2C environment, technical articles are in the lead in the B2B area. “In B2B, many niche topics are still unoccupied, I advise you to fill them quickly,” says the expert. It should also be SEO-technically clean.

Tips for good web texts:

  • Perform keyword research
  • Select clickable titles
  • Insert (intermediate) headings with keywords
  • Ensure the correct hierarchy of headings
  • Write a meta description including keywords
  • Reduce image size
  • Correctly naming images before uploading
  • Set Alt tag for images
  • Use SEO plugins (e.g. Yoast for WordPress)

The right platform

More and more B2B companies are also increasingly relying on social media – LinkedIn in particular is the network of choice for many. But how useful is a platform like TikTok for B2B? “TikTok works differently, the speed and spontaneity of the platform is often difficult to reconcile with the quality requirements and approval processes. But if you focus on people, this is also conceivable – especially when it comes to employer branding,“ says Teichmann.

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