Prime Air deliveries – Amazon lets go of the drones

Amazon has announced the delivery by drone in Lockeford, California: the first prime-air deliveries are to land in the front gardens of the test customers later this year. […]

Nine years after the first announcement, Amazon is fulfilling its promise: in a pilot program in Lockeford, California, drones will take off in the future to deliver thousands of different products to the front gardens and backyards of Amazon customers based there.
“The promise of drone delivery has often felt like science fiction. We have been working for almost a decade to make it a reality,“ the company said in a statement.

Pilot phase of prime Air deliveries

The first testers now have the opportunity to sign up for the free prime Air delivery. You can place your order via Amazon and receive an estimated arrival time as well as a status tracker for your order, which should then land in your garden.

The residents of Lockeford play an important role in this: their feedback on Prime Air is intended to help develop a service that is safely scalable to meet the needs of customers everywhere.

The e-commerce giant employs hundreds of scientists, engineers, aerospace experts and futurologists to implement the project. To ensure safety, a special sense-and-avoid system has been developed that allows operation without direct visual contact and allows the drones to operate at greater distances and reliably avoid other aircraft, people, animals and obstacles.

*Alessa Kästner is a graduate of the Burda Journalism School, volunteered at Playboy and wrote for titles such as ELLE, Focus as well as advertising and selling. Her core topics as an INTERNET WORLD editor: E-commerce, marketing trends, sustainability and social media.

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